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May 06, 2024

Cross Country Team Receives Gift

Cross-country running enthusiast and supporter Greg O’Connell donated $3,000 to KO’s boys’ and girls’ cross-country teams to provide our athletes with the opportunity to attend running camps this summer. KO participates in Cheshire Academy’s O’Connell XC Invitational, celebrating its 20th anniversary this fall.


O’Connell is not affiliated with KO, but he has been consistently impressed with the leadership of our XC coaches, Fritz Goodman and Trish Watson. He recognized their contributions as the meet directors of the New England Division 3 XC Championships and the enthusiasm and positivity they bring to the sport. Watson said she and Fritz were honored to receive the gift for the team. “As coaches, Fritz and I encourage all runners to achieve their personal goals and be good teammates to one another,” she said.

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