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November 16, 2023

Four Students Sign NCAA Division 1 NILs

On Friday, November 10, in Alumni Hall , we celebrated the incredible achievements of our athletes as they took the next big step on their journeys. Nate Bowes (Sacred Heart, baseball), Damian Czartoryjski (Bucknell, swimming), Chuck Hare (Holy Cross, basketball), and Adam Merritt (UMass, baseball) have officially signed their NILs at these D1 schools. Their hard work, dedication, and passion have paid off, a testament to the countless hours of training that got them here. Balancing the demands of high-level sports and academics is no small feat, and we commend them for excelling in both. Go, Wyverns!


Nate Bowes, Sacred Heart, Baseball

Damian Czartoryjski, Bucknell, Swimming

Chuck Hare, Holy Cross, Basketball

Adam Merritt, University of Massachusetts, Baseball

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