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September 05, 2019

Heart & Sole

Even as a tot, Sadie Margolis ’21 was captivated by the lights, action, and emotions of the theater. Describing herself as an “a complete introvert,” Margolis gravitated to the theater as an outlet for self-expression. “I love putting a smile on people’s faces. I love to be in other people’s shoes, but to funnel my personality into it and make the character my own.”


Through the Dance Molinari Scholarship given by the Halo Awards, Margolis spent one week in New York with fellow Wyvern and scholarship recipient Remy McCoy ’20 at Pearl Studios in mid-town Manhattan, right on the doorstep of the Great White Way.

All was not glitz and glamour as the two trained from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with only a thirty-minute lunch break. The dance “boot camp”  featured various forms of dance from jazz to hip hop, contemporary, tap, and ballet. Margolis prefers the rat-a-tat of tap dancing because “you can be really loud, make noises and not get yelled at.” Dance is not new to Margolis; she has taken lessons for over 10 years, but this experience allowed her to build on her firm foundation to become an even stronger dancer.


“Ballet was the first class of the day, and it’s difficult to find the strength to hold the positions. The most trying aspect of the day was the back-to-back schedule of classes. You had to keep your stamina up and put 110% percent in everything you did. You need to find the balance of what feels good in the moment,” Margolis said.


Margolis plied her craft with other workshops over the summer. She attended dance classes in Los Angeles and a four-and-a-half week Oklahoma City University summer musical where she was a featured dancer in their performance of Mamma Mia. Somewhat intimidated by the talent that surrounded her at the camp, Margolis uses that emotion to fuel her aspirations. “That level of talent drives me even harder – learning from failures and wanting it so bad to work harder and push myself. I hope to get into a BFA for college, ultimately be on Broadway. That’s the dream.”

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