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December 10, 2019

KO Welcomes New Staffer

At the Tuesday assembly, Kingswood Oxford said hello and goodbye to staff members. 


Our Director of Facilities Larry Marciano was set to retire this past summer, but he postponed his retirement until the school found a suitable replacement. This fall, the school re-opened the search for a director and hired a stellar candidate, Justin Wolfradt.

Before his new position at KO, Wolfradt worked for 15 years in the facilities department at UCONN Health in Farmington, most recently as general maintenance supervisor. He earned his bachelor of science in general studies/engineering management and a master’s of science in construction management.


Marciano was a steady and warm presence at KO for many years, first as our security guard in the afternoons and evenings and then for over five years as director of facilities. He has always been KO’s caretaker. He has overseen major construction projects, updated, repaired, and overseen our buildings and grounds, and helped teachers improve and enhance their classroom spaces. Most importantly, he worked tirelessly to keep our students safe and secure on campus. If Marciano thought he could skate away easily from KO, he was sorely mistaken, as a recent winter storm brought in almost a foot of snow!


So when you walk through campus and spot an errant piece of paper or a weed sprouting in a flower bed, ask yourself, “What would Larry do?” Bend down, pick up the trash, and pull out that weed! We will miss him greatly.

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