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May 02, 2024

Leading Dermatologist Dr. Jennifer Pennoyer Visits Biomedical Class

In a recent visit to Kingswood Oxford School, renowned dermatologist Dr. Jennifer Pennoyer P’14, ’22 visited Fritz Goodman’s biomedical science class, a timely visit as the class has been focused on the study of infectious diseases, including pathogens associated with skin tissue samples.


In her local Hartford area practice, Pennoyer treats a wide variety of medical, surgical, and cosmetic treatments and procedures, including but not limited to acne and rosacea to skin cancer and eczema, Botox, dermal fillers, microneedling, laser hair removal….and so much more. During her visit, she dove deep (pun intended!) into various skin conditions and diseases and the science behind what causes these. She also shed light on their impact and shared with the class her treatment approaches based on each individual scenario. 


From staph infections to strep and even occasional cases of leprosy or metastatic cancer, Dr. Pennoyer covered a broad spectrum of dermatological conditions, unraveling their complexities and explaining how it is not a one-stop-shop approach for any of her patients, but rather one where she has to look at each individual and come up with a solution and treatment plan. Pennoyer highlighted the importance of understanding the underlying mechanisms of these conditions, emphasizing the significance of early intervention and preventive care.


Dr. Pennoyer’s approach to her skill is both holistic and innovative. She emphasized that she tries to avoid using hardcore antibiotics whenever possible. Instead, she stressed using low-dose antibiotics at an anti-inflammatory stage to manage conditions such as acne, striking a balance between effective treatment and minimizing the risk of drug-resistant bacteria. Pennoyer’s commitment to staying at the forefront of dermatological advancements underscored her dedication to providing patients with safe and effective treatment options.


Students were privy to some raw and fascinating examples of real-life patient pictures and anecdotes from Pennoyer’s office over the year. She encouraged the students to lead the discussion by asking questions and would follow the path these questions took. This covered topics such as the microbiome of the skin, sunscreen recommendations, and even fecal transplants for conditions like colitis.



One area the class had been studying was a lab simulating how candidates are prepared for surgery. Commonly known as the Stan Lab (created by Tufts University, which presents a fictitious person named Stan), a scenario is created in which samples of material obtained from skin swabs were cultured to study the bacterial composition of the patient’s epidermal tissue. Ostensibly, students were taught to think about screening for pathogens like MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus), which could cause serious infections resistant to many antibiotics. The students then tested the effectiveness of eight different antibiotics to determine which drug would be most effective against particular bacterial infections.


The science students appreciated Dr. Pennoyer’s professionalism and honesty. Her visit piqued the interest of all students, particularly those with career aspirations in the biomedical field. Everyone came away with a deeper appreciation for the science behind skin health and its incredible umbrella of conditions and treatment.

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