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May 17, 2022

New Head Coach Named for Wyvern Football

Brandon Batory ’10 has been named the head coach for the Kingswood Oxford football team. After serving as the Wyverns assistant football coach since 2014 and defensive coordinator for the team this past year, Batory is equipped to lead our student-athletes to become their best selves on and off the field.


A principled individual, Batory leads with his three core values that are the staples of his football and coaching philosophy. He believes that in order for the team to attain great heights, one must put the team before self-interest. “When one person has success,” he said, “we all have success.” This positivity, he feels, is infectious to the team.


He encourages his players to congratulate one another on their successes, play a position that they might not prefer for the betterment of the team, help one another, and stay positive. Another value he posits is to face the storm like bison who charge into upcoming bad weather. “Apply courage, hard work, tenacity, mental toughness, to attack and the negative situation in life or unwanted task. The faster we will emerge from it, the better we will come out of it,” he said. Lastly, he wants his players to know themselves fully – their strengths and weaknesses – so that they can continue to improve.


Batory values the time he spends with the players, and he wants to be a constant presence in their lives. In order for Batory to get the most out of a player, he believes in showing up for them.  “For me, it’s showing that I care,” he said. “Being around all the time. Being a positive role model in their lives.” 


Batory’s warm approach comes with plenty of hard work and demands from his players. He considers himself a “details guy,” reviewing and analyzing the film with the team and examining formation breakdown and game breakdown. He also expects some serious sweat equity with the players training throughout the year and the summer to fine-tune their craft.


Over the years, Batory counts KO football seasons in 2014, 2015, and 2018 as highlights, and he’s a big fan of the energy of the night games despite the wins not chalked up in KO’s column. He acknowledges that watching Koby Quansah ’16, Isaiah Wright ’16, and Jake Hallenbeck ’17 who went on to do great things in college ball was energizing, and he also takes deep pride in the players who made an impact on all levels. He recalls an athlete who was unsure of football, came out to play, and in his senior year he was thriving with fifteen tackles. “I saw that with his dedication in the weight room and playing football what kind of positive impact it had in his life. Now that student is thriving at Northwestern and playing college ball.” 


A graduate of Springfield College, Batory was also a player on their football team. He majored in health science and has his master’s of science in physician assistant studies. He is currently employed as a full-time physician’s assistant in West Hartford and is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, ACE sports nutrition, and sports conditioning specialist.

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