Remembering Robert White-History Teacher, KO's First Archivist - Kingswood Oxford

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November 12, 2020

Remembering Robert White-History Teacher, KO’s First Archivist

I first met Roy White way back in 1982, my first year of teaching at KO. He was always available to answer my many questions as a newcomer, and quite patiently, I must add. His sense of humor was so unique and of course, for those of you that remember him, you couldn’t help but enjoy listening to his Scottish burr.  Roy was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and arrived in the states, Boston to be exact, in 1958. He began his teaching career and ended up in the history department at our very own Kingswood School (Kingswood Oxford) from 1967-1997.  His love for history led him to investigate the history of Kingswood and Oxford. Roy began collecting whatever he could find, including newspapers, yearbooks and photos, placing them ever so carefully and organized in boxes. Little did he know that all that he collected for so many years would find its way to what we now consider, a legitimate archival space in the Nicholson building. The information and memorabilia was meant for more than just sitting in a box collecting dust. Roy began to share what he learned in articles in the school’s alumni publications, at assembly presentations and archival exhibits. In Roy’s own words, “I wanted the alumni to know that we think what they did here is important, and to let the current generation of students know they’re a part of a continuing, living tradition.”…  


I remember when Roy came to my office and asked me if I had anything to add to the collection, and I did. I handed him a pile of KO newspapers and a few graduation, theater, band, and choral programs. He thanked me for helping to preserve the school’s history. Little did I know at that time that I would eventually follow in Roy’s footsteps as the school’s archivist. As I go through our archive collection, I find myself remembering Roy and I continue to be “wowed” at how fortunate we are to have the collection that we do, thanks to Roy and everyone who has contributed to preserving our amazing history!

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