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May 23, 2024

Student Awarded Major College Scholarship

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) has awarded a $160,000 scholarship to Christian Gordon ’26. The Rensselaer Medal Award is given to a student for outstanding achievement in the study of mathematics and science.


“Christian is one of the most driven and conscientious students I have ever met,” said Director of College Counseling Jami Silver. “That he is widely respected across all the faculty members speaks volumes.”


Even as a child, Gordon was enthralled with math and problem-solving, considering this his forte. “This year in pre-calculus, I feel like I have been able to hone these skills,” Gordon said.


Although he admitted he becomes frustrated at times, he is able to work through the task in front of him through perseverance and determination. “It’s really about the process of learning,” he said. He can often look at a word problem, and the answer just “clicks.” “It’s a mental thing where I can just see the answer.” Next year, he plans on studying upper-level math courses:

 AP Calculus AB and AP Statistics.


Gordon has a promising future in front of him. He plans on majoring in material science and engineering, experimenting and researching different properties of materials for application in consumer products. “I am a tinkerer and very hands-on,” he said.


Gordon is also the consummate student-athlete and a force on the football and track and field teams. “Christian is an absolute pleasure to have been part of our football program for the past three years and a very special young man,” said Brandon Batory, coach of the football team. “I am so proud to hear of this tremendous accomplishment for Christian. Football-wise, he is critical to our team’s success on and off the field. He provides a steady presence of excellence, is a two-way starter, and consistently raises our standard. Intelligent, hard-working, positive, caring, committed, and a team-first person, he is everything you want in a player in your football program.  I look forward to watching him take another leap forward in his senior season ahead!

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