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November 05, 2021

Teachers Make a Difference

It was great to see alumni return to campus for our October reunion weekend! No matter where or when I meet up with alumni, they are always excited to find out how their favorite teachers, advisors and coaches are doing. I frequently hear wonderful stories about teachers that made a difference.


Back in September, I happened to see my favorite high school teacher, Mrs. Carroll Hughes (seen below with yours truly), who taught at Northwestern Regional #7 for many years until her retirement. She was my Spanish teacher for all four years and the one that inspired me to become a Spanish teacher. So many years ago, but it seems like yesterday that I was her student. Señora opened up a whole new world to me and I fell in love with the Spanish language, customs, and traditions. She influenced, encouraged, and supported me in her own patient and gentle way. Her passion for the subject was contagious. I couldn’t wait for Spanish class! Over the years, I happened to bump into her on occasion and always made sure that I thanked her and our recent meeting was no exception. Many of my students heard me speak of her when they asked why I chose the career that I did.


After seeing her that September day, I thought how great it would be for Oxford, Kingswood and KO alumni to share a positive memory of a special teacher that inspired, encouraged, influenced or mentored them. I am hoping to collect your memories and put them to print. The following is a fabulous example, submitted by Fritz Farquhar ’59.


Fritz Farquhar ’59

Headmaster Nelson Farquhar

Chick Jacobus ’24

Kingswood Teacher

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