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September 12, 2019

The Sky’s The Limit

Even as a young boy, Kevin Guo ’22 was fascinated with machinery and always tinkered with his toys. His passion for finding out how things work is still the same, although his toys grew in size now that he’s older. This past summer Guo spent two months studying at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, which has a strong aerospace branch.  


For five days a week, including some weekends, Guo trekked two hours on Shanghai’s elaborate transit system to head to the university, navigating the 18 lines of the metro to serve the city’s staggering population of 24.24 million people. While there, he flew a full-scale 737 NG simulator while viewing the screen flying simulator designed by Lockheed Martin. “I was able to design my own situation like single engine failure, losing hydraulic pressure, and not being able to get the gear down.  I learned how to fly already, and I can deal with various situations according to the response booklet,” he said. Additionally, Guo learned radiotelegraphy and the basics of aerodynamics and airplane engineering.


Although Guo is uncertain what particular field in aeronautics he will pursue in college, he knows “the dream is aeronautics, whether its ground control, NTSB, or a pilot.” In the meantime, Guo will continue refining his knowledge and is considering getting a private license and an instrument license. With Guo’s determination and passion, one thing is certain: the sky’s the limit.

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