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December 11, 2023

Tuition Prices of Connecticut Private Schools

Choosing the right educational path for your child is a significant decision that many parents face. Private schools in Connecticut offer a unique and tailored approach to education, providing a range of opportunities for students to thrive academically and personally. However, one crucial aspect that parents often consider is the tuition costs associated with these private institutions. In this guide, we will explore and break down the tuition costs for private schools in Connecticut, helping parents make informed decisions about their child’s education.


Understanding the Landscape


Connecticut is home to a diverse array of private schools, each with its own distinct educational philosophy, facilities, and programs. When considering private school options for your child, it’s essential to be aware of the varying tuition costs associated with these institutions. Tuition fees can depend on factors such as the school’s reputation, location, facilities, and extracurricular offerings.


Factors Influencing Tuition Costs


Several factors contribute to the variation in tuition costs among private schools in Connecticut:


  • Location: Schools in urban areas or affluent communities may have higher tuition costs.

  • Facilities: State-of-the-art facilities, such as advanced laboratories and athletic complexes, can impact tuition.

  • Reputation: Schools with a strong reputation for academic excellence and college placement may have higher tuition fees.

  • Programs and Extracurriculars: Institutions offering specialized programs or a wide range of extracurricular activities may have higher tuition costs.


When considering a private school for your child, understanding the tuition landscape is crucial for making an informed decision. While tuition costs are a significant factor, it’s equally important to consider each institution’s unique offerings and educational philosophy. By weighing these factors, parents can find the perfect fit for their child’s academic journey, ensuring a well-rounded and enriching educational experience.

 Key Private Schools in Connecticut and Their Tuition Costs for the 2023-2024 School Year


Avon Old Farms

Boarding $72,300

Day $54,900

General Fee Boarding $2,545

General fee Day $1,175

International Fee $1,000

Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy of Connecticut

PreK $16,000 (Tzedakah per student $3,000*)

Kindergarten $18,000 (Tzedakah per student $3,000)

1st-3rd $20,500 (Tzedakah per student $4,000)

4th -$21,000 (Tzedakah per student $4,000)

5th-6th $22,500 (Tzedakah per student $4,000)

7th-8th $23,000 (Tzedakah per student $4,000)

9th -$22,500 (Tzedakah per student $5,000)

10th -$24,000 (Tzedakah per student $5,000)

11th – $25,500 (Tzedakah per student $5,000)

12th – $26,000 (Tzedakah per student $5,000)

*The Tzedakah fund contribution is a commitment to support scholarship and chesed programs offered by our school and is considered part of the Bi-Cultural mission. It may be made in whole or in part through family contributions or matching gifts from their companies.

Bridgeport International Academy

Tuition $31,900

Room/Board $10,000

One-time Connecticut mandatory immunization $250

One-time application fee $125

Yearly facilities fee $250

Yearly technology fee $100

Yearly textbook fee $100

Yearly activities fee $50

Physical education uniform fee $12

Brunswick School

Pre School  (Pre-K, K) $45,225

Lower School (1st-4th) $47,350

Middle School (5th-8th) $49,700

Upper School (9th-12th) $53,250

Cheshire Academy

Boarding $59,500

International fee $10,000

Day $30,950

General fee $1,000

Choate Rosemary Hall

Boarding  $67,380

Day $51,880

Technology Fee $1,000

Christian Heritage School

K $13,075

1st-5th $14,320

6th-8th $19,095

9th-12 $20,795

Activity fee $500

Textbook fee $100-200

Eagle Hill School

Boarding $95,110

Day $75,860

Ethel Walker

Boarding Domestic (7th-12th/PG) $71,900

Boarding International (7th-12th/PG) $74,900

Middle School Day $42,950

Upper School Day $52,150


Boarding $91,100

Day $74,500

Franklin Academy


Contact Admissions Office

Greens Farms Academy

Pre-Connecting & Connecting $47,550

Groups I-IV $47,790

Groups V-VII $50,000

Groups IX-XII $53,300

Grove School


Contact Admissions Office

The Frederick Gunn School

Boarding $73,400

Day $52,400

Hamden Hall Country Day School

Preschool-PreK $21,500

K $27,100

1st-3rd 29,800

4th-6th $33,950

7th-8th $40,000

9th-12th $48,800

Tuition does not include new student fees, transportation, textbooks for grades 7-12, extended day program K-8th


Tuition $50,850

Fee $440

Additional expenses range from $900-$4,500 for books, transportation, and incidentals


Boarding $68,370

Day $58,110

Technology fee $850

Health service fee boarding $600

Heath service fee day $400

Kent School

Boarding $73,450

Day $54,600

Additional fees may apply

King School

PreK $38,150

K-4th $44,860

5th $46,520

6th-8th $48,500

9th-12th $52,340

Kingswood Oxford School

6th-8th $41,800

9th-12th $46,000

Activity fee $750

Books $400-$800

Loomis Chafee

Boarding $68,420

Day $52,100

Technology fee $975

Health Center fee boarding $635

Health Center fee day $305

International fee $1,080

Marvelwood School

Boarding $64,700

Day $39,900

Milford Academy


Contact Admissions Office

Miss Porter’s School

Boarding $70,750

Day $56,725

Additional expenses $1,000-$2,000

New England Jewish Academy

Early Childhood

5 full days $14,110

3 full days $8,490

5 half days $8,850

3 half days $5,480

K-1 $7,000 (subsidy of $10,000 off the $17,000 tuition)

2-5 $9,500 (subsidy of $7,500 off the regular $17,00 tuition)

6’8 $11,500 (subsidy off the regular $18,500 tuition)

9th-12th $14,000 (subsidy of $10,000 off the regular $24,000 tuition)

Oxford Academy

Tuition $86,000

Oxford Summer Experience $12,000 boarding or $10,000 online

Laundry plan – pricing is dependent upon the plan

Chromebook including insurance $400

Pomfret School

Boarding $69,250

Boarding general fee $1,250

International fee $3,000

Day $45,000

Day general fee $820

St. Luke’s School

5th-6th $47,750

7th-8th $49,850

9th-12th $52,150

Salisbury School

Boarding $70,500

Day $49,950

General fee boarding $750

General fee day $600

Technology fee boarding $550

Technology fee day $350

Textbook deposit $500

Tuition refund plan boarding $1,795*

Tuition refund plan day $1,272,50*

*The Tuition Refund Plan will be required for any student whose full-year tuition and fee (including any outstanding balance from previous charges) have not been paid by July 1, 2023. This includes any Payment Plan participants. The charge for this plan is 2.5% of the net tuition and fees.

The Spire School

Varies based on length of stay. Average is $5,500/month

St. Thomas More


Suffield Academy 

Boarding $71,500

Day $49,500

Taft School 

Boarding $72,000

Day $53,500


6th – 7th $43,400

8th -12th $48,700

Academy  $35,100

International – $49,700

Westminster School

Boarding $70,580

Day $51,300

Westover School

Boarding $71,800

Day $52,100

International $74,000

Winston Preparatory School


Contact Admissions Office

The Woodhall School


Wooster School

8th $40,260

9th-12th $43,920

Pathways Program – $51,920

Bridge Program – $62,130

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