Wyvern Nation Sports Wraps - February 17, 2022 - Kingswood Oxford

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February 17, 2022

Wyvern Nation Sports Wraps – February 17, 2022


The Varsity Boys’ Basketball team defeated a resilient Kent team 54-41 on Feb. 12. The Wyverns were led in scoring by Rhandyn Bair ‘24 (24 points) and Gavin Griffiths ‘23 (16 points). 


The JV Girls’ Basketball team lost 23-31 against Kent on Feb. 12. Despite their best efforts, the Wyverns had trouble scoring in the first half of the game, being limited to just two points. However, their solid half-court defense gave up just 15 points for the same half. Things changed in the third quarter as their shots started to fall and their defense remained stout. With seconds to go in the third quarter, KO pulled within two points.  However, although their good effort persisted into the fourth quarter, KO’s offensive output fell off a bit, and ultimately, Kent prevailed.  


The Varsity Girls’ Squash team lost 1-6 against Berkshire on Feb. 9. The Wyverns had a tough loss against a strong opponent. Nonetheless, the team put together some great points and showed their resilience on the court. In the no. 4 and 6 spots, co-captain Mackenzie Caruso ‘22 and Ilianna Brett ‘24 forced their opponents to bring their “A” game by taking them into extra points, Caruso with her threatening control of the front of the court and Brett with her accurate serving and speedy footwork. In the no. 3 position, co-captain Amrita Natarajan ‘22 used variety in her shot depth and width to construct elaborate points, and in the no. 5 position Macy Isenberg ‘22 showed off the development of a powerful backhand stroke, along with her usual lobs and effective shot placement. Katharine Doar ‘22 showed determined volleying and consistent straight drives in the no. 8 spot. In the no. 1 and 2 spots, our middle schoolers Sophia Lazor ‘27 and Ava Marseglia ‘26 held their own in many difficult points against some of the most experienced opponents we’ve seen all season, keeping their cool and stringing together effective series of defensive and offensive shots. In the no. 7 position, Annabelle Jacobs ‘23 came back from a 1-0 deficit for a solid 3-1 win by adjusting to her opponent’s movement and ensuring that she placed the ball more carefully in all four corners of the court. The Wyverns look forward to entering the New Englands tournament at Berkshire, building on the lessons learned from this match!


It has been a big celebration with the Varsity Boys’ Squash team at KO after winning the New England Championship Class C, the third time they have won New Englands in the past seven years! The divisions were divided from Class A to Class D with eight schools in each division. The Class C boys were hosted at Portsmouth Abbey in Rhode Island, and the KO Varsity Girls team was at Berkshire. The girls’ team came in third out of eight schools. 


The Wyverns beat Avon Old Farms 5-2. The first round of matches against AOF started with Cole Keegan ’27 winning 3 -1, followed by Carter Smith ’22 winning 3-0 and Teddy Schwartz ’22 winning 3-0. The varsity team went on to win the second playoff with Aidan Dillow ’22 winning 3 – 1 and Jack Krieble ’25 winning 3-0 which led the team to move to the semi-finals to play against Loomis. The first match in the semi-finals started with Keegan winning 3-1, followed by Smith winning 3-1, and Keegan clinching a 3-2 win. Dillow won 3-0 and Krieble won 3-0; this was followed by two tough losses from Henry Pelletier ’22 and Schwartz losing 3-2. However, the boys’ clinched another victory in the semi-finals by beating Loomis 5-2.  The Varsity team moved on to the finals for a match against St. George. The opening matches included Keegan winning 3-1, Smith winning 3-1, Krieble winning 3-0, Schwartz winning 3-1, and Dillow winning 3-0. Roberto Correa ’22 and Pelletier lost 3-2. The boys clinched the Championship by beating St George 6-1. James Beerbower ’22 has done a commendable job as team manager, despite nursing an injury this season.  They have won the New Englands three times and reached the finals once. KO has never beaten Loomis, AOF, and St George in the last 15 years. Congratulations to the entire team! Go Wyverns go!


Swimming and Diving
The Varsity Swimming and Diving team swam against Ethel Walker, Westover, Northfield Mount Hermon (JV team) on Feb 12 and did very well in their first dual meet. The relay of Allie Wildstein ‘22Miya Scranton ‘25Stella Risinger ‘22, and Makenzie Gallagher ’25 came in third in the 200 Medley relay. Stephanie Lu ’23 and Maggie Poulin ’24 both swam well in the 200 free coming in third and fourth. Risinger had a great 200 IM coming in first place and Gallagher tied for fourth place. This was the first tie for the season! Aubrey Wolfradt ’24 and Sasha Dausey ‘25 both had a nice 50 free coming in fifth and seventh. Risinger and Charlotte Eberle ’23 swam hard in the 100 fly coming in third and fifth. In the 100 free, Gallagher and Scranton came in fourth and sixth. Wildstein dominated the 500 free winning by almost a whole minute. Wildstein and Gallagher also swam the 100 back coming in third and sixth. The 100 breast was one of the most exciting of the day. Scranton had an awesome 100 breast coming in second. In the 400 free relay, Wildstein, Scranton, Risenger, and Gallagher came in second while the relay of Dausey, Lu, Anna Ollenschleger ’25, and Charlotte Eberle ‘23 came in 3rd. It was a fun meet to end the dual meet season. The team now has two weeks to get ready for the Founder’s Championship at Hotchkiss on February 26th.


The Varsity Boys’ Swimming and Diving had their final dual meet against Northfield Mount Hermon (JV Team) on Feb. 12. The boys swam well and earned many first-place finishes. In the 200 Medley Relay, the relay of Pindar Chen ’25, Martin Ma ’24Jaeden Curcio ’24, and Eli Brandt ’23 came in first. The relay of Aidan Ladewig ’23, Leo Zhang ’24, Eudel Ma ’25, and David Shi ’22 came in second. In the 200 free, Nate Brodrick ’22 and Chen came in first and second respectively. Ma ’25 had a great 200 IM coming in first and Curcio came in second. In the 50 free, Brandt and Mason Zimmer ’23 went one, two in the 50 free. Curcio and Ma ’25 came in first and second in the 100 fly. Brandt swam a very smooth 100 free coming in first. Chen, Brodrick, and Zhang went one , two, three in the 500 free. Ladewig and Shi swam well in the 100 back coming in first and second respectively. Marrich Somridhivej ’22 swam a great 100 breast coming in first. The senior boys, Somridhivej, Shi, Gunturu, and Brodrick, swam in the 400 free relay together for the last time coming in first.  The team now has two weeks to get ready for the Founder’s Championship at Hotchkiss on February 26.

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