Reimagining our Future

State of the School: February 18, 2021

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  • Partnership

    During the summer of 2019, Kingswood Oxford employed the consulting services of Greenwich Leadership Partners. Stephanie Rogen, founder of GLP, worked with members of the Board of Trustees and the Senior Administrative Team to develop an approach for undertaking this project. It involves, among other steps, soliciting input and feedback from all of Kingswood Oxford's constituents. Rather than produce a monumental tome of initiatives that is shelved once it is produced, GLP advises its clients to develop a dynamic plan based on the School’s core values that can be adapted as priorities are achieved and new opportunities present themselves.

    Since 2010, GLP has worked with more than 64 independent schools and school districts, as well as higher education organizations and education-based not-for-profits.


List of 1 frequently asked questions.

List of 1 frequently asked questions.

  • Process

    The Strategic Design Team is a facile group, representative of the various constituencies in the Kingswood Oxford community. Their role is to guide the strategic planning process and cull information in an iterative process. Importantly, this group does not decide our strategy for the future. Rather, it facilitates conversations and gathers and synthesizes feedback from a variety of KO constituents that will be critical towards determining our path forward. Ultimately, the committee will compose a “Strategy on One Page” — a vision statement and list of strategic priorities based on workshops and focus group feedback obtained over several months.

Our Vision

Kingswood Oxford is a transformative day school that engages students in real-world and interdisciplinary learning opportunities by expanding the classroom beyond our campus and partnering with people and institutions in the Greater Hartford area. Our signature educational approach develops compassionate collaborators, ethical problem solvers, and active citizens who lead and serve in the wider community.

Strategic Plan Approach

At the beginning of 2019, Head of School Thomas Dillow announced that Kingswood Oxford School would embark upon a strategic design process to frame a compelling vision for the future and to articulate the key commitments and priorities that will enable the School to collectively achieve that vision.

Following Kingswood Oxford’s re-accreditation by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) last spring — an exercise rooted in deep self-evaluation that occurs every 10 years —
the School entered into the planning process to reimagine its future and chart its continued success. This vision will drive KO's strategic priorities and will provide the roadmap for the allocation of our talent, time, and resources.

The strategic vision will center around how students learn best and how we can prepare them for success in college and the future. This plan will be timely, as the world they are about to inherit is more uncertain than it has ever been. Our plan will focus more intentionally on teaching and fostering new skills and dispositions and add new opportunities to our already strong program to help our students better meet these future challenges.

To achieve the vision laid out in the strategic plan, specific priorities will be clearly identified with action steps. These priorities will ground the plan and provide a roadmap. Once the first set of priorities is accomplished, the next set will be identified, helping the School focus on staying true to the vision. This is a multi-year and iterative process. Its very nature encourages self-reflection and continuous fine-tuning along the way.

The end goal is to ensure that our students are well-prepared and that our School is well-positioned to continue to deliver on our compelling mission to inspire students to excel and lead lives of integrity and involvement.

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  • Timeline

    July 2019
    • July 25: Board of Trustee Workshop with Greenwich Leadership Partners
    • July 28: Senior Administration Team Workshop with Greenwich Leadership Partners

    August 2019
    • August 28: Faculty and Staff Workshop

    September 2019
    • September 26: Board of Trustees Workshop

    October 2019
    • October 3: Faculty and Staff Workshop
    • October 15: Parent Workshop
    • October 16: Class of 2020 Workshop
    • October 18: Parent Workshop
    • October 29: Parents Workshop 
    • October 28: Forms 3 & 5 Workshop
    • October 30: Form 4 Workshop
    • Date TBD: Upper Prep-Form 2 Workshop

    November 2019
    • November 7: Board of Trustees and Leadership Society Workshop

    January 2020
    • January 6: Professional Development Day on Strategic Vision
    • January 30: Board of Trustees approves on “Strategy on One Page”
    February 2020
    • February 18: Professional Development Day on Strategic Vision
    • February 21: Head of School delivers State of the School Address
    March 2020
    • March 5-6: Administrators' Workshop with Greenwich Leadership Partners
    April 2020
    • TBD
    May 2020
    • TBD
    June 2020
    • TBD
    July 2020
    • TBD

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  • Mission

    Kingswood Oxford inspires students to excel and to lead lives of integrity and involvement by nourishing their talents in a community of teachers, friends, and families.


    Demonstrate honesty, integrity, and respect
    Learn with passion and perseverance
    Embrace intellectual curiosity
    Care beyond self
    Take personal responsibility
    Work hard, take risks, become involved
    Vincit Qui Se Vincit - "One Conquers By Conquering Oneself"

Faculty Workshop

Trustee Workshop

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