James B. Lyon

An Interview with Jim Lyons

Why do you support Kingswood Oxford?
Anything to help the School. KO is one of the institutions that means so much to me because of the fine education that I received...after all, I graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Amherst!

How did the School shape you as a person?
Good academics that prepared me for college. Wonderful teachers. And of course, the great lifelong friends that I made.

What is your Vision for the future of Kingswood Oxford?
I hope that it will remain an excellent school - accessible to everyone - not just the wealthy; and that students continue to build ambition to do the most useful things in their lives. The students should want to be pillars in their community. Just be good people.

Lyons lives up to his words. He himself is one of the best. Said Bradley Hoffman, Chair of the Board of Trustees: “The fact that Jim signed my Diploma as Chair of the Board of Trustees 40 years ago exemplifies his lifelong dedication to Kingswood Oxford School. He has changed the lives of so many Students, Faculty, and Heads of School during that span of time. He has also been an incredible mentor to the many volunteers who, in turn, have taken his example of how to make a difference and helped build a foundation that will last in perpetuity.”

Board member Marc Shafer also had wonderful things to say about Lyons: “I want to be just like Jim. I want to be that person who always sees the next right thing to do; to help the person who needs it the most, or to provide the resources that can help many, while not telling anyone I did it. Jim Lyon has done more good for more people without ever telling anyone he did it than anyone I know.”
Located in West Hartford, CT just steps from Blue Back Square, Kingswood Oxford is a private school inspiring co-ed day students in grades 6-12 with a college preparatory curriculum. Empowered students become clear confident communicators, resourceful problem-solvers, and ethical leaders. KO: where unlimited potential meets endless opportunities.
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