Ripples of Change: Building Awareness, Taking Action!

Early Sunday morning on April 7th, a group of students and two chaperones boarded a KO van to attend the CAIS Commission on Diversity In Schools (CODIS) Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC).

The 17th annual SDLC was held at St. Luke’s School in New Canaan, CT and welcomed 585 students and educators representing 36 independent schools to engage in the theme “Ripples of Change: Building Awareness, Taking Action!" Students from St. Luke’s served as the masters of ceremonies and their SDLC choir sang a moving rendition of MLK.

What followed were three inspirational and empowering presentations about colorism, being a black queer girl and the importance of setting an intention to engage in purposeful action. The breakout sessions for middle school and first-year attendees were adeptly facilitated by trained student facilitators. The second-year attendees and seniors participated in advanced conversations facilitated by CODIS commissioners. The afternoon’s discussions enabled the 472 students to delve deeper into key equity topics in smaller groups. The adults, 113 in total, attended an informational session presented by Alberto Cifuentes, Jr. from GLSEN entitled “At the Intersection of Power and Privilege: Applying Intersectionality to Promoting Safe, Affirming, and Inclusive K-12 Schools.”

One of the KO students commented that she always loves hearing the different perspectives from the student attendees. She is committed to having more conversations centered around ability and socio-economic status at our school.
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