Wyvern Nation Sports Wraps - May 2, 2019

The Varsity Golf team tallied several victories on April 27 with the final results being: Kingswood (208), Williston (210), Berkshire (223) and Wilbraham (229). Neither wind nor rain nor sleet nor snow could keep the team from its appointed round at the historic Wyantenuck County Club. Through patience and perseverance, the Wyverns swept the field, notching their first victories of the season, defeating host Berkshire, Williston, and Wilbraham. Captains Garth Swanson '19 and James Amenta '19 led the way with a pair of strong 38s, followed by Niko Rodriguez '20 (41), Ryan Peterson '19 (43) and Shane Dawson '20 (48) for a season-low team score of 208.  

The JV Golf team lost 209-278 on April 27 against Westminster. The rainy weather kept it interesting with rain, hail and wind. Despite the loss, it was a good experience for the young golf team. Karstian Lang '20 was the low scorer for KO with a 43.

The Varsity Golf team won against Pomfret with a score of 195-201 on May 1. The team followed up its weekend victories with another fine performance, shooting its lowest score of the year. The Wyverns traveled to Pomfret eager to continue their seasonal progress and returned with outstanding performances, led by medalist Captain Garth Swanson '19 and a spectacular two under par 34. Henry Krieble '20 also broke par with a 35, followed by Captain James Amenta '19 (41), Niko Rodriguez '20 (42), and Shane Dawson '20 (43). The Wyverns begin their annual quest for hardware with the first round of the Coppola Cup, hopeful of improving their standing of recent years.

The Varsity Girls’ Lacrosse team won 17-9 against Gunnery on April 24. The team not only got their first win of the season but did it at home in front of their fans. The girls came out with perseverance and toughness which stayed throughout the whole game. Transition played a key role for the Wyverns. Passing the ball upfield and setting up teammates for fast breaks was key in their success, but also the 12 saves by the goalie, Amelia Levine ’20, helped seal the win for KO. The Wyverns played together offensively and six player scored goals. Nicole Genga ‘19 led the scoring with six goals, Tori Swanson ’21 and Mia Seymour ‘19 each had three goals, Abby McLaughlin ’22 and Kathryn Westrick ’20 contributed two goals and Molly Jones '20 had one goal.

The Varsity Boys’ Lacrosse team lost to Gunnery on May 1 with a score of 3-13. Going into this game, the team knew Gunnery was one of the best teams on the schedule. During the past few games, the Wyverns had started games a little slow and fell behind quickly. Coach Garber’s challenge to the team was to start the game fast and uptempo. They responded positively and got on the board early, taking a 1-0 lead thanks to a great lefty shot on the run by Sam Krugman ‘22. They were tied 1-1 at the end of the first quarter which was a tremendous accomplishment for this group against a top team but ended up falling behind in the second quarter, due to too many unforced turnovers. The team never gave up, and Nick Traver ‘20 had two terrific man-up goals, one assisted by Teddy Crowther ‘22. Conor Caneday ‘21 got his first start in the cage and was one of the many reasons that kept KO in the game, making save after save and being a vocal leader on the field. The defense played terrific 6 v 6 defense, slowing down one of the best offensive teams in the league. Gunnery scored most of their goals in unsettled situations taking advantage of KO’s own unforced turnovers. The Wyverns showed a lot of grit in the game and gave 100% till the last whistle.

The JV Girls’ Lacrosse team won 9-7 against Hopkins on April 17. Catherine Daniels ‘21 led KO scoring with three goals. Katharine Doer ‘22, Cameron Forslund ‘21, and Caroline Dawson ‘22 added two goals each as well. Gianna Christiana ’22 led KO with seven ground controls to help with team possession. The defense played extremely well in the game led by Murphy Kearney ’20. Isabel Jacobson ’21, and Brooke Seaver ‘21. Lilly Cai Kuivila ‘20 had nine saves to help preserve the KO victory.

The Varsity Softball team lost 0-2 against Kent on April 27. This game was a true battle of strong defenses, as the team spent the majority of the time deadlocked at 0-0. Just a few well-timed steals and bunts made the difference, but the Wyverns made it very difficult with their solid defensive plays. Kyra Dunnirvine '23 once again took charge on the defensive side by making solid plays on grounders and pop-ups to the circle while also getting the team out of tricky situations with six strikeouts for the game. In the first inning, Lexi Vail '22 rocketed throws to second and third base on steals, picking off a runner going for third. Throughout the game, Caitlin Budzik '21 at second base used skillful mechanics on grounders and clutch coverage of first base to capitalize on the plays set up by Dunnirvine and the rest of the infield. Despite some great pitching from their opponent, the Wyverns put in their best effort and nearly brought the runs in to turn the tide. Olivia Pear '21 started the team off in the first inning with a great at-bat turned walk that allowed her to steal second and third. Josie Pinero '20 showed off her own clever batting skills and pitch selection with a walk in the second inning and a hard grounder to third base in the fifth inning.

The Varsity Softball team lost 1-4 against Taft on April 29. This was the team’s first rematch of the season since their opener against Taft, so the Wyverns were able to assess how far they have come since the beginning of the season. The team was confident stepping up to the plate and made a lot of good cuts. The first run came in the third inning when, after Olivia Pear '21 made it on base with a walk, Kyra Dunnirvine '23 drove a ball into the shallow dirt between pitcher and catcher, allowing Pear to make it to third and then rush home on an overthrow. That same inning, Mackenzie Caruso '22 crushed a line drive to third base that was dropped and stayed fair to get the bases loaded. Unfortunately, the rest of the potential runs were cut short by some clutch plays by their opponents. Compared to the team’s first game against Taft, the Wyverns put up an even, more solid defense this time around. Lexi Vail '22 set the tone early in the first inning by gunning a throw to Ava Radmanovich '21 to shut down a steal for the first out. Dunnirvine pulled off an impressive eight strikeouts for the game. Overall, the team did particularly well with their bunt defense, making a few outs at first base with dedicated coverage and precise throws.

The Varsity Softball team lost 7-18 against Marianapolis on May 1. This game was a bit of a roller coaster ride, with some truly impressive high points for the team that demonstrated their ability to respond to a challenge. The Wyverns began the game with some well-manufactured runs, each team member playing to her strengths and skills at the plate. A walk for Mackenzie Caruso '22 and a hit-by-pitch for Kyra Dunnirvine '23 gave them two quick runners on base, a good recipe for runs. Lexi Vail '22 followed at the plate, crushing a line drive double to right center to bring in the first two runs. They followed suit in the third inning when a series of patient, prudent walks (seven to be precise), as well as some slammed, sacrifice grounders from Vail and Brie Toedt '21 which helped them bridge the gap made by Marianapolis in the bottom of the first. In the fifth inning, Josie Pinero '20 had a nice chip up the middle, beating the throw to first with some lightning quick footwork. Despite some setbacks in the first and fourth innings, the Wyverns made some great plays on the defensive side of things. Jocelyn Ram '20 made the quick decision and quick movements necessary to get a runner out at home on a grounder to third in the first inning, saving the Wyverns from another run. Kaylee Diaz '19 had a clutch catch of a line drive in right field in the third inning that momentarily stopped the other team's momentum with the stop of the ball. Gabi Abramson '22 entered to pitch in the fourth inning, with Dunnirvine moving to shortstop, and brought KO two skillfully orchestrated, back-to-back strikeouts in the fifth inning.

The Varsity Softball team won against Pomfret on April 24 with a score of 12-0. The Wyverns really stepped up their consistency to finish the game against Pomfret by mercy rule in five innings, 12-0. Offense and defense were running smoothly, and preparation for each pitch was the name of the game. The team started off the game earning a run in the first inning with a crushed double over the left fielder by Lexi Vail '22. Throughout the game, smart at-bats led to walks that put the team in position to score on well-placed hits, like a skillful slap by Olivia Pear '21 over the shortstop in the second inning, a bloop line drive double past third by Jocelyn Ram '20 in the third, and a chopped single to right field by Kaylee Diaz '19 in the fourth. The team made sure they would cash in on the 12 hits by running the bases with nearly reckless abandon, demonstrated particularly by the steals of Brigid Bernier '19 and Kyleace Hunter '22. As a testament to the team effort of this game, six different players earned RBIs for the team. The defense was headed by pitcher Kyra Dunnirvine '23 and her impressive 10 strikeouts. For those counting, that's two-thirds of the outs in the game. The Wyverns were prepared for anything, which allowed them to pull off a shutout with some nicely executed infield plays from Ram at third, Ava Radmanovich '21 at shortstop, Caitlin Budzik '21 at second base, and Pear at first. The best part about this game was that every single player on the team contributed game time to this win. At the plate and in the field, everyone participated in the unstoppable team synergy that brought the team to a convincing victory.

The Varsity Boys’ Tennis team won 4-3 against Hopkins on April 24. The team played singles first, as there was a JV match to be played after. This would allow more courts to be opened up in case the match was tied and they played doubles, which needs only three courts. As it turned out, it did come down to doubles as the singles ended up tied 3-3. KO earned wins at #2,3,4 as Adam Sonntag ‘19, Adam Na ‘21and Max-William Kanz ‘22 earned hard-fought victories; Kanz and Sonntag won in straight sets; Na fought back from down a set to win in a great third set super tiebreaker. Hopkins earned wins at #1, 5, and 6, as they played with greater consistency, composure, and shot making. The doubles were exciting and closely contested, with one player from each time dealing with cramping. KO earned an 8-4 victory at #1 doubles with Luke Riemann ‘19 and Sonntag, and Hopkins won at #3 doubles 8-3, defeating Avi Shastri ‘20 and Teddy Keegan ‘22. The overall team match was decided with a victory at #2 doubles, as Na and Kanz won 8-6 to secure a very exciting match in front of a great crowd.

The Varsity Girls’ Tennis team defeated Miss Porter's 7-2 on May 1. Kay Chin ‘24, Aimee Zheng ‘22, Molly Baron ‘19, Isa Raymond ‘19, and Shreeya Chalikonda ‘21 won in singles while Chin and Baron won at #1 doubles and Sydney Smith ‘21 and Chalikonda won at #3 doubles. It was a very strong team effort.

The Varsity Boys' Tennis team won 6-1 against Loomis on April 25 in a match that had been rained out last week. The score (6-1) does not reflect how close the match was, as the doubles point could have gone either way. Loomis earned a win at #1 doubles, while KO's Adam Na ‘21 and Max William Kanz ‘22 won at #2 doubles. The doubles point was secured when Avi Shastri ‘20 and Teddy Keegan ‘22 won a nip and tuck 8-5 match at #3 doubles. Moving to singles, KO got great performances from Keegan (#5) and Kanz (#3), who both won 6-0, 6-0. They both played superbly. At # singles, Luke Riemann ‘19 fell behind 5-2 as his opponent dominated play with a powerful serve and forehand. Riemann rallied back to push the first set to a tiebreaker, which he won, and then played well on the way to a 7-6, 6-1 win. Na continued his clutch play to earn a 6-4, 6-3 win at #2 singles, and at #6 singles Jacob Schwartz ‘21 won a two-hour marathon match 7-5, 6-4. Loomis earned a decisive victory at #4 singles, as Shastri played hard and fell to his steadier opponent 6-3, 7-5.

The JV Boys’ Tennis team won 4-3 against Avon Old Farms on April 27. The Wyverns hosted long-time rival, Avon Old Farms, in one of the most exciting finishes in JV tennis history. The doubles teams took two out of three matches to win the point overall, giving them an edge toward victory. At #1 doubles, James Ravalese ‘20 and Matt Marottolo ‘20 took down their opponent by a close margin of nine games to eight, and at #2, Rabih Chughtai ‘19 and Jon Fu ‘19 won their match by a score of eight to four. At #3, two new members, Ajay Ganesh ‘22 and Shumayl Syed ‘22 dropped their match by a score of two games to eight. At #1 singles, Jaden Weinstein ‘21 outlasted a very steady player to win his match by a score of eight to four. Koby Braunstein ‘22, who has been battling shoulder problems all season, was unable to reign in his opponent, dropping his match four games to eight. Drini Puka ‘21 lost a close one six games to eight, and Ethan Raisner ‘21 couldn’t seem to fend off his opponent, losing three games to eight. Aaron Rotter ‘22 easily won his match at #4, winning eight games to three, so that brought it down to Charlie Coxon ‘19 at #6 singles. His match went on for what seemed like an eternity, yet Coxon was victorious in this battle of nerves, steady shots and controlled emotions on both players’ parts. Coxon beat him nine games to eight and took the seven out of 12 point tiebreaker by a score of seven points to four. When the match ended, the KO bench went wild, screaming and cheering, since this is the first time that they have beaten AOF on the home turf in a very long time. It was a fitting way to end Spring Sports Day here at home, and the boys were elated when they finally got together for team pictures and a huge cheer. Hats are off to this tough, well-trained group of young men who proved that you cannot keep a good Wyvern down.

The Varsity Boys’ Tennis team lost 2-5 against Cheshire Academy on April 27. KO hosted an undefeated Cheshire Academy team and they played an inspired match but came up a bit short. The highlight was a hard-earned doubles point, as KO's Luke Riemann ‘19 and Adam Sonntag ‘19 beat the previously undefeated Cheshire #1 doubles team by a score of 8-6. Jacob Schwartz ‘21 and Teddy Keegan ‘22 won at #3 doubles to clinch the doubles point. KO fought hard in the singles and earned a win at #6 with Schwartz winning in straight sets. They also lost a tough three-set match at #4 singles, as Avi Shastri ‘20 lost in a 3rd set tiebreaker.

The Varsity Boys’ Tennis team won 6-1 against Westminster on April 29 in a match that was closer than the score indicated. KO earned the doubles point, as Luke Riemann ‘19 and Adam Sonntag ‘19 won 8-3 at #1 doubles, followed by Adam Na ‘21 and Max-William Kanz ‘22 winning at #2, and at #3 doubles Teddy Keegan ‘22 and Jacob Schwartz ‘21 continued their winning ways at #3. KO earned wins at each of the singles spots, with the exception of an injury at #5 singles when Avi Shastri ‘20 rolled his ankle and had to retire. Riemann, Sonntag, Na, Kanz, and Schwartz each won hard-fought matches.

The Middle School B Tennis team kicked off Spring Sports Day on April 27 with much enthusiasm and skill to take the win over Renbrook 7-2. This was the first of two matches of the season, and the players were ready to take their skills to the courts. Four singles lines started on the indoor courts. The first and second singles lines were solid for KO but lost in extremely close matches. Audrey Karasik '24 lost a hard-fought match over a tricky player 5-7 and Lucia Martinez-Castro '23 lost by the closest margin 6-7 in a tiebreak. The remaining matches all went to KO. Jacob Barash '25 won his thirds singles match 6-2; his solid serves propelled him to victory. Mohan Palanki '25 also won in four singles spot 6-3; his lefty forehand was his secret weapon. In doubles matches, the team won all of their matches in a very deciding manner. Teams Palanki, Aarya Dalal ‘23 and Ysabel Albert '25, Sara Feged '25 and Kiran Sekaran '25, Ryan Wang '25 all won their matches at Doubles 1, 2 and 4 positions 6-0. Jacob Mapp '24 and Aayan Mapara ‘25 won at doubles 3 by a score of 6-1. Albert and Feged played a second doubles match and won again 6-2. Congrats to all of the players, KO tennis continues to roll!
The JV Boys’ Tennis team won against Hamden Hall on April 30. In singles, it was a slam dunk for all eight of the starting lineup. At #1, Jaden Weinstein ‘21 easily won his match at 8-1. At #2, Koby Braunstein ‘22 took a bit longer to shut down his opponent, but he managed to come from behind and win eight games to four. At #3 and #4 singles, Aaron Rotter ‘22 and Drini Puka ‘21 made short order of their opponents by scores of 8-0 and 8-0, respectively. Charlie Coxon ‘19 continued his streak of great matches, winning 8-1 at #5, and Ethan Raisner ‘21 rounded out the ladder at #6, winning 8-0. At #7, Christian Stec ‘20 won quickly by a score of 8-0, and Ben Clark ‘20 did the same with his opponent by a score of 8-0 at the #8 singles position. On the doubles match ladder, Matt Marottolo ‘20 and James Ravalese ‘20 continued their dominance of the courts by winning their match eight games to three, playing to the hometown crowd on court 1. Player-manager Rabih Chughtai ‘19 and his partner Jon Fu ‘19 swept every game at #2 doubles to win 8-0, and Ajay Ganesh ‘22 and Anan Meraney ‘20 finished their match by winning eight games to three. At #4 doubles, Roberto Correa ‘22 and Shumayl Syed ‘22 cruised to victory, winning 8-0.

The Middle School Tennis team played against Hopkins on May 1 and came away with a 7-1 victory. It’s been a while since the Wyverns have beaten Hopkins so the win was particularly sweet for the graduating Form 2 players. In singles action, Form 2 Wyverns won convincingly at the number 2,3 and 4 slots and number one player, Caitlin Dale ‘23 stroked the ball well but finished short against a very steady and controlled opponent. Ignacio Feged ‘23, at number two, used his inside out forehand to open up the court and create lots of offensive opportunities and was very steady when he needed to be. Hallie Braunstein ‘23, at number four, has improved her serve and backhand tremendously this season and showed just how tough she will be next year on the varsity team. Finally, huge kudos to Will Jacobs ‘23 who, using steady play and smart tactics, has gone undefeated in singles play this season posting wins against Rectory, Hamden Hall, Foote, Renbrook and Hopkins. Coach Sheri Shea said, “ I am excited about his progression and look for him to contribute well to the KO high school program.” Ethan Leshem ‘23 and Jacob Joseph ‘23 used their athleticism and aggressive doubles strategy to pummel the Hopkins number one team 6-0. It’s astounding to note that Joseph, a newcomer to tennis this season, has climbed his way up to being one of our top players. His enthusiasm and intensity day in and day out has helped the team to become much better. Patrick Kinney ‘23 used his court savvy and experience to assist Finn Zeytoonian ‘24 in a convincing 6-1 win at number two. The duo of Jack Krieble ‘24 and Teddy Simons ‘24 battled hard and were victorious with a 6-4 win against an unusually strong number three Hopkins team. The team’s goal this season was to improve their consistency and do all the basics better: serve, return, and first ball in play. Shea said, “As a coach, I could not be prouder of their effort and determination. Go Wyverns!!”
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