Ava Radmanovich '21

Adjusting to a new and very important position, Ava Radmanovich ‘21 has had a positive impact on the Kingswood Oxford varsity softball team and is the Wyvern of the Week.
Radmanovich has been playing softball since the seventh grade. She’s been a third baseman until this season when she was thrust into the starting shortstop role
Having to adapt, Radmanovich has been working hard at her new position in practice and it is paying off.
“She has contributed to the team in the most unsung of ways this year and she has accepted and risen to playing a big spot on the field, shortstop,” Kingswood Oxford coach Jason Bradley said. “In my opinion she has done a very good job! I’m pretty proud of the determination she’s shown and went from not starting last year to our starting shortstop.”
“For me, this season I have been developing skills that are needed as a shortstop. We go over specific plays in practice that could occur in a game and my readiness and preparation allows me to make quick plays in the field,” Radmanovich said.  “I think that the repetitive infield drills and practice really helps me know what exact plays to carry out in the game when they happen.”
Working on her shortstop skills in practice is helping Radmanovich with some of her goals for the rest of the season.
“One of my goals for the rest of the season is to have a positive mindset and not focus on my mistakes,” Radmanovich said. “I think that by working hard at practice, I can improve on skills and techniques needed for games. My coach promotes a "next pitch, next play" mindset and I believe that if we follow that, we will succeed.” 
Time Out With Ava:
Favorite Athlete: Mookie Betts
Favorite Team: Red Sox 
Pre game pump up song: Flip the switch by Quavo
Favorite meal: Chicken Parm
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