Environmental Science Fair Has a Bright Future

Students in Tim Allerton's Form 3 Environmental Science class recently hosted a science fair, where they showcased topics they have been working on since the fall. Each student shared a unique presentation on their laptop and presented their topic to several visitors comprised of faculty, staff, and other students. The panelists scored the students on a variety of in-depth aspects, ranging from eye contact and articulation to research findings and presentation skills.

This idea was the brainchild of science teacher Allerton, who has been envisioning this initiative for the last three years. He felt this year was an ideal one to pilot the project.
It has been quite an undertaking as students have been working on the progress in installments since the fall when initially they selected two topics and researched both. Then the students met with Allerton to discuss both ideas and narrow it down to one. Next, they underwent a graded fact-finding assignment, followed by a third installment of more research and organizing their information under subheadings. In the final stage, the students built a Google slides deck and learned the material for their presentations.

Topics ranged from Environmental and Health Threats of Asbestos in New England Area, Why Lyme Disease is Spiking in the Finger Lakes Region?, The Emerald Ash Borer: Decline of the Ash Tree Population and Effects on US Ecosystems, Acid Rain in the Adirondacks and Lionfish as an invasive species. Many students chose topics or regions where they had a particular connection to, be it somewhere they had a summer home or a place tied to fond memories from growing up. The breadth and depth of their knowledge was nothing short of remarkable.

Sherri Malinoski, executive assistant to the Head of School said, “I was thoroughly impressed with all of the presentations that I saw. It was clear that the students had spent a great deal of time preparing and had a true interest in and enthusiasm for the topics they chose. I learned a great deal about a wide range of environmental issues!”
Allerton echoed her thoughts, “I was impressed by those students that took it to heart and made it personal. Their presentations flowed genuinely from the heart.”
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