Building Leaders On & Off the Field

Cutting short their summer vacation to attend workshops shows these student-athletes are committed to continually improving their knowledge and skills as a leader. The 26-member strong Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC) met with consultants over the course of several days to reflect on their personal style so that they may learn, lead and inspire.

Day One of training, conducted by Katrina Stead of Steadfast Performance Consulting, focused on developing resiliency. A worksheet asked the students to identify their thinking traps - those situations where one either assigns blame, jumps to conclusions, magnifies an issue or assumes one knows what another person is thinking. She provided helpful tips for escaping a thinking trap such as writing down one’s thoughts, seeking out neutral opinions, and thinking of the opposite.

Doug Melody, a personal trainer with over 46 years in education, including stints as the director of counseling for Avon, spoke with the students on the second day of their training about building trust. “The issue of trust is at the core of any and all we do. The success of any team is based on the level of trust within each kid and with one another,” Melody said.

Melody said that although the KO teams may compete with other teams that have exceptional players from around the world that should not affect their attitude. “You have to go into the game with the mindset ‘I’m going to find a way to compete with this person.’ I don’t care who you are playing. You go on to the floor and make the other team beat you,” Melody said.

The students learned that you can’t take a one-and-done approach to leadership. You’ve got to show effort every day.

The group, comprised of freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors, applied for spots on the committee and went through a formal interview process. They will lead initiatives throughout the year for Hewett Day, Pink Week and Women in Sports Day.
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