Sharing an Intimate Evening with Laughter & Song

Imagine the mood. You’re hanging out in your friend’s den trading mortifying stories of middle school, sharing some laughs and then some of your uber-talented friends start reading poetry, play lovely duets and songs on the piano or ukelele and lead a singalong to “Take Me Home Country Road.” That’s an epic night. Or a coffee house at KO.

Leaders of epic, the school’s literary journal, held a coffee house in the school library on Friday night that allowed the students to express themselves in a variety of ways. Hosts Emma Henry ’21 and Ishaa Sohail ’20 kept the entertainment motoring along with steady, humorous banter. Attendees were encouraged to spin a spinner that landed on categories to speak about such as Teacher Tales, Middle School Trauma or Middle School Memories. Students shared tanking on tests, trying to cajole a teacher into not recording a failing grade with a small bribe, injurious Capture the Flag tournaments and inglorious Camp Jewell mishaps including an overturned kayak.

Alyssa Pilecki ’20 and Evan Banning ’21 read original poetry. Morgan Siegel ’22 strummed the ukulele and sang beautifully. Snehaa Ram ’21 played Khalid’s “Alive” and read a short story about her six-year-old self trying to fit in with her older family members by throwing out her Dora the Explorer stickers. “The moral of the story is ‘Stay true to yourself and don’t give in,” she said. Christina Lu ’21 performed a dramatic reading about Tony Robbins. Ian Givens ’21 and Ajay Ganesh ’22 played Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely” Molly Jones and Remy McCoy serenaded the crowd with a melancholy “Falling Slowly.” Maddie Arcaro sang King Princess’s “Talia” accompanied by Snehaa on piano. One of the highlights of the evening was Henry Krieble ’21, Eden Nenshati ’21, and James Ravalese ’20 crowd-pleasing “Take Me Home Country Road.”

The intimate evening provided the students with a chance to perform in a low key setting without pressure. Even when a student hit an off-key note, there was plenty of cheering to buoy the student’s spirit. Juanita Asapokhai ’20, one of the evening’s organizers was pleased with the event and hopes that the turnout will be stronger for another coffee house planned for the future.
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