Art for Art's Sake

With the price of artwork reaching nose-bleed prices, to wit $453 million for da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi, $312 million for de Kooning’s Interchange and $274 million for Cezanne’s The Card Players, art is unattainable for the masses. 
However, in 1997, the Swiss artist, M. Vanci Stirnemann developed a conceptual art project to counter the commodification of art and restore a more democratic approach. Artist trading cards (ATCs) are 2 ½" X 3 ½" self-made works of art that are produced in various media: pen, pencil, acrylic or oil paint, collage, metal and even found objects. Rather than the art going under the gavel, artists exchange their mini paintings with one another face to face. The only restriction is the size.

Walking into the Roberts hallway near the art room, you are faced with a wall of pint-size works of art from a trio of flowers to a riff on Hokusai’s woodblock “The Wave,” abstract doodlings and finely wrought realistic images.  Art teacher Katie Burnett spearheaded KO's art card share project with her students. “My foundations class started the wall last spring and my hope is that we can get more people participating. So far lots of students have come by to pick up a card to work on in the hopes of a fun exchange,” Burnett said.
The art cards project benefits artists in many ways. They form a connection with fellow artists and other community members; they allow artists to experiment on a small scale; they enable you to build an art collection at no cost.
At KO, we’re building community one brush stroke, one etching, one daub, and one splatter at a time.
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