Students Set to Launch Podcast

When KO students get an idea in their heads, they run with it. Case in point, The Wyvern Rundown, a student-initiated, student-run podcast that will soon launch.

Executive producers of the podcast, Madeline Arcaro ’21 and Isahaa Sohail ’20, thought of the concept last year as a light-hearted branch of the KO News. Whereas the KO News serves as a vehicle for more hard-hitting stories, The Wyvern Rundown provides an outlet for amusing, slice-of-life commentary and entertainment, like asking the KO staff and faculty what they think some KO slang means. (Even staffer Lyndsay Perkins who has a beat on all things KO shrugged her shoulders when asked about the meaning behind the initials “smh.”) Future plans include slating guests to promote the musical or clubs or to discuss politics in an open, civil manner.

“Ishaa and I have both written for the KO News for a long time, and it's exciting for us to have another form of journalism that the school isn't familiar with. A lot of schools have podcasts. However, they are made by teachers for potential students or parents. Ours is specifically made for KO students by KO students, which is really important to us,” said Arcaro. She said that the hosts are encouraged to have their own personality and voice that represent the variety of KO students.

Seventeen students are involved in the podcast from hosts Emma Henry ’21, Christina Lu ’21, Snehaa Ram ’21, Jada Asapokhai ’23, Jack Kinney ’21, and Amelia Levine ’20; to writers Minseo Kim ’22, Braeden Rose ’21, Evan Banning ’21, Geethika Chandragiri ’21, and Aakash Gunturu ’22; editors Rinese Sterling ’21, Risha Ranjan ’21, and Ashley Taffe ’22; and graphic designer Melissa Hasbrouck ’21.

Faculty advisor Kathy Schieffelin also put much time and effort into making this podcast possible.

With the buzz on campus and the current level of student involvement, The Wyvern Rundown is a fantastic venue for self-expression and student ownership. “Eventually, we want it to be a big part of the KO community, similar to the KO News or SGA,” Arcaro said. Stay tuned for more info!
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