Senior Thesis: Demanding Persistence & Passion

One of the fundamental aspects of a KO education is its emphasis on writing. As students grow through their educational journey at KO, their writing becomes more refined, nuanced, well- researched, and complex. The culmination of the students’ writing ability is tackling the Senior Thesis, an arduous, daunting, and fulfilling task that launches and prepares them for their scholarly college career. Each winter, under the guidance of an English teacher, every senior selects a topic based on literary or other works that speak to their passions and explores and researches academic criticism related to those works. This 15-to20-page paper draws on literary texts, academic scholarship, and the student's own insights.

Yesterday, as in previous years, a Prezi assembly was held that showcased the topics the students covered: from dystopian societies, racial relations, gender issues, music, politics, protest and rebellion, violence among other topics.
The thesis teachers collectively awarded three students’ theses for the strongest in the class. Upper School English Chair Cathy Schieffelin said, “We have several criteria. The best theses are elegantly created, and polished. They’re original and well developed, drawn from sufficiently broad secondary source material, a reflection of the students’ sincere connection to the literary material and investigation and overall, just fun to read.”
There were three winners this year:
John McLaughlin - “Decisions, Deception and Dignity and Being Human in Never Let Me Go and Rainman”
Madeleine Pelletier - “Privilege Proletariat and Peaches: Analyzing Classism and Marxism in Modern Horror Films through Parasite and Us
Elan Stadelmann -  "Langston Hughes' Use of Jazz in Blues Poetry to Holistically Celebrate Black American Culture and Highlight Racial Injustice"

View the Prezi here
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