An Award-Winning Poem for KO English Student

Junior Cohl D’Addabbo recently won second place in the West Hartford Library’s teen poetry contest for his poem, Life in Quarantine: A Found Poem. In a recent English assignment, students had to find 10 pieces of found text around their homes. These included lines from books, food labels, TV headlines, mail, receipts, etc. Using these, they had to create a collage-like poem by interspersing the found text with their own words. As a culmination of the local poetry unit, all junior students submitted one poem to the teen poetry contest.

English teacher Heather Wayne said, "Cohl’s minimalist, introspective poem captures the disorientation and malaise of our current moment while ending on a cautiously optimistic note. I am so proud of him for this wonderful accomplishment!"

Life In Quarantine: A found Poem
By: Cohl D’Addabbo 
This is my story,
As is everyone else’s.
Home sweet home wasn’t as sweet,
And the summer that would change our lives seemed eons away.
Nowadays, energy, the ability of an object to do something,
Is something of a rarity.
I attempt to stay positive,
But I am left speechless as the world grinds to a screeching halt.
At home, we have more than we need,
But it doesn’t seem to help pass the time.
As the door of spring swings open, time seems to pass a little bit easier.
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