MS Student Recognized at CT Invention Convention

Eighth-grader Evan Poole was recently honored with a sustainability award at the Connecticut Invention Convention from Raytheon Technologies, Pratt & Whitney. The award, which recognized a product that provides environmental, social, and economic benefits was given for a “Communicaider” app that Poole himself created.

The app is designed for real-time, two-way communication without internet access between people with hearing loss and those with no hearing deficits. It has high accuracy in speech-to-text and text-to-speech translations. Communicaider is compatible with all iPhones and iPads running iOS 12 and up as well as all Mac computers running macOS Mojave and later releases.

Poole said, "I could not be more honored to receive this award for my app. I’m looking forward to continuing to innovate new products that have a positive impact on society."

Back in March, Poole had placed third in Applied Technology and second in Computer Science at the Connecticut Science Fair for the Communicaider app, when he had had an opportunity to shadow an audiologist for his excellent work in audiology and acoustics.
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