Choreographer Showcase: Poetry in Motion

Last year’s award-winning Choreographer Showcase was performed in an empty Roberts Theater, but this year our dancers captivated a live audience with their athleticism and dynamism, and storytelling this November 19. Our Wyverns workshopped with five local choreographers in hip hop, contemporary, ballet for a tour de force, bringing one pillar of our Strategic Vision of local community partnerships to fruition.

The nine numbers, each one unique and stunning in their own right, were performed by either the students themselves, the choreographer and/or local dance company, or a combination of both. Running the gamut from formal to contemporary, the show opened with “Have I Mentioned Today”, a lovely romantic ballet piece about young love with two KO dancers followed by the quirky, jerky robotic hip hop “Groove with Me” performed by Lili St. Amand. Working with Immix Dance Partnership, our students danced to the music of Patsy Cline, and the troupe itself also performed to a melody of Cline’s hits. Savana Jones and accompanying dancer Chantal Jones delivered a powerful dance full of strong emotions highlighted with dramatic red chiaroscuro lighting effect which enhanced the dance’s impact. The audience particularly relished the upbeat performance “Alone”, punctuated with freestyle movements, locking and popping, and fluid style boogaloo. “Gray Scale”, moody, mournful, and modern, saw eight KO dancers fluidly move across the stage” while “Autumn”, choreographed by Rachael Gnatoski, was ballet at its finest with magnificent glissades, arabesques, and ciseaux. Lastly, “The Power of Human Connection” with the accompanying music “Rise Up” was a dance of renewal, especially after the experience of lockdown.

“Have I Mentioned Today”
Choreographed by Kyle Reynolds
Music: “Nicest Thing,” Kate Nash
Dancers: Frank Pu, Anna Tippner

“Groove with Me”
Performed by Lili St. Amand
Music: “Lite Spots,” Kaytranda

Immix Dance Partnership
Choreographed by IMMIX
“Day Dreaming, Crazy, Kentucky Moon, Back in Baby’s Arms”
Music: Patsy Cline
Dancers: Alida Lamagna-Kendall, Meghan McDermott, Cristine Perry, Alida Lamagna-Kendall

Choreographed by IMMIX
Music: “Walkin’ After Midnight,” Patsy Cline
Dancers:  Alida Lamangna-Kendall, Shoshanna Levy, Alice McClure, Meghan McDermott, Azul Montiel,  Christine Perry, Faith Potter, Avery Schiff, Morgan Siegel, Anna Tippner

“Mo’ Wiser”
Choreographed by Savana Jones
Music: “Mo’ Wiser,” Sons of Kent
Dancers: Savana Jones, Chantal Jones

Choreographed by Lili St. Amand
Music: “Nouvelle Era, Clozee, East Coast Riddim, Master Mind X DJ Blue”
Dancers: McKenzie Campbell, Shosanna Levy, Frank Pu, Zaire Ramiz, Alex Segal, Avery Schiff 

“Gray Scale”
Choreographed by Rachael Gnatowski
Music: “Prospectors Quartet,” Johnny Greenwood
Dancers: Nidhi Bhat, Drake Fernald, Alice McClure, Azul Montiel, Faith Potter, Avery Schiff, Morgan Siegel, Anna Tippner

Choreographed by Rachael Gnatowski
Music: “Autumn,” Beethoven
Dancers: Rachael Gnatowski, Stephanie Kellog, Victoria Manning, Lucy Shultz

“The Power of Human Connection”
Choreographed by Ronnie Bowman
Dance Supervision: Savana Jones
Music: “Rise Up,” Andra Day
Dancers: Shoshana Levy, Alice McClure, Azul Montiel, Faith Potter, Frank Pu, Avery Schiff, Victoria Tang, Anna Tippner
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