KO Students' Capstone Projects Selected by Global Online Academy

Avery Hersh ’24, Chayse Shamlefer ’23, and Nicolas Tippner's ’24 Semester 1 Global Online Academy's (GOA) Capstone Project were nominated by their GOA teachers for inclusion in their Catalyst Exhibition Showcase. Of over 270 student projects submitted, just over 20 of them have been selected as exemplary and published in their 2021 Public Showcase.

GOA's Catalyst Exhibition invites students to share, connect, and demonstrate the application of their skills to the real world in a capstone project. The KO presentations opened with an engaging, "beautiful" question, and their responses were carefully researched, detailed, and compelling. These projects have great potential for making an impact and catalyzing positive change on important issues. Hersh designed the "Less Stress Tech" app that allows people to find commonly misplaced items with a tracking sticker and a QR code. Shamleffer created an app, "Aequitas" to foster STEM mentorships and encourage more females in the field. Tippner investigated how big brands such as Adidas can give back to different communities. "I really had a great time completing my Catalyst project," Tippner said. "It expanded my perspective on investing and the positive impact it can have on the world." (See the link below for their presentations)

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