V Girls Squash

Win 6-1
In the no. 3 and 4 spots, co-captains Amrita Natarajan ‘22 and Mackenzie Caruso ‘22 kept their squash strategy in mind and used all corners of the court to their advantage (3-0, 3-0). Macy Isenberg ‘22 had a “battle of the serves” with her opponent in the no. 5 spot, showcasing great volleys and boasts but unfortunately losing 1-3. In the no. 6 spot. Ilianna Brett ‘24 kept building the momentum of her game, in which she started with aggressive serving and finished her points with powerful hitting to the back of the court (3-0). In the no. 1 spot, Sophia Lazor ‘27 was ready to take control of the points with precise straight drives that set up excellent drop shots to the front (3-0). Ava Marseglia ‘25 followed suit in the no. 2 spot by adjusting to her opponents hard-hit low shots and responding with challenging drives of her own (3-0). Annabelle Jacobs ‘23 continued her steady improvement over the course of the season by creating effective 1-2 punches from an offensive position on the “T” (3-0), and she also took the extra no. 9 match 2-0. In the no. 8, Katharine Doar ‘22 was ready to serve and volley to establish herself in each point, coming away with a convincing win (3-0).

It was a great match to help build the team’s momentum as we move into the end of season tournaments in the coming weeks. We look forward to the next match, against Berkshire, on 2/9.
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