Pickle Pioneers' Customers Pucker Up at Pop-Up Market

A culinary team of Jacob Barash ’25, Jack Krieble ’25, and Ryan Sadowsky ’25 experimented and tested a savory concoction of brine and spices over the course of three weeks to perfect the perfect balanced pickle. The Pickle Pioneers, so-named because this was their first business venture, sold 50 jars of their wares at the recent West Hartford Pop Up Kids Market that showcases young entrepreneurs' products.

The team shared that the most difficult aspect of the project was securing a delicious recipe and locating the space to refrigerate the 50 jars. After a few false starts, the group landed on a recipe they felt was a winner. Pioneer Pickles come in two varieties, a half-sour version and a spicy bread-and-butter pickle that is infused with jalapeno. To entice customers, the group served tasting samples at their table with the half-sour, the top seller at the market. (Our Wyverns concede that their favorite was the more tangy, spicy version.)

Each jar of pickles retailed for $10, allowing the entrepreneurs to cover the production costs and clear a profit. They estimated that each jar cost approximately $6.00-$7.00 to produce, but they said it was difficult to calculate an accurate cost since of the odd measurements of some of the spices. Savings were found in having a family member with graphic talent who designed a playful logo that captured the fun of the product.
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