Bisgaard Rappels for Shatterproof

Jacqueline Pisani
As members of the Kingswood Oxford community, we’ve grown accustomed to our Head of School, Dennis Bisgaard, reaching great heights. That’s why it comes as no surprise that Bisgaard participated in the Shatterproof Challenge Rappel Hartford on Wednesday, July 27 at the Hartford Hilton along with Mark Wolman, Board and Executive Committee member and Chair of the Campus Planning Committee as well as KO students Nicole Demers '16 and Celia Jarmoc '17 to raise awareness about the devastating effects of addiction. Lian '19 and Gabe '16 Wolman fundraised enough money for Shatterproof to sponsor their two friends.
Shatterproof’s mission is to educate the population about scourge of addiction and to address the conversation in a forthright manner. According to their website, over 22 million Americans suffer from the illness, ranking it the fourth most prevalent disease in the country. Not only does the disease impact the individual addict, but entire families can be destroyed from the fall out.
Bisgaard joined the rappel event by noting that some KO students had already embraced the challenge. Bisgaard stated, “Working in a school setting, we need to take this problem very seriously and also be proactive in shedding light on a complicated topic.”
Teenagers are highly susceptible to alcohol and drugs not only because of peer pressure
but also due to the still developing brain’s pre-frontal lobe, which regulates decision-making and self-control. Approximately 80% of addicts acknowledge that they started using drugs and alcohol under the age of 18. As educators, Kingswood Oxford plays a vital role in a student’s emotional and social development during these pivotal young adult years where healthy habits take shape. Kingswood advisors, working closely with a small group of students and their parents, establish a critical connection that encourages a student’s well- being and strong sense of himself or herself. Bisgaard said, “At KO, we work and support the whole student so they can make best choices for themselves. The only way we can address and confront the challenge of addiction is to talk about the problem openly and honestly.”
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