Leadership Center Instills Core Values

Jacqueline Pisani
Through the generous donation of the Roberts family, The Margaret E. and Henry R. Roberts Center for Leadership, officially opened Tuesday, April 25 in the former Commons area. Bright and airy, the room features flexible seating arrangements for collaborative work. The Center compliments our dynamic academic program by offering multiple opportunities to engage in the powerful learning that happens outside the classroom. As an integral element of our engaged liberal arts program, The Margaret E. and Henry R. Roberts Center for Leadership will allow KO students to fully embark on the understanding of self, others and community as we all grow as leaders. 
Michael A. Roberts  '59 spoke to the student body during assembly on April 25, imparting a powerful message about the importance of good leadership and perseverance in everything they do. He remarked how it might always not be easy, but having the courage and ability to stay the course will make you successful and set you apart from the rest. He left graduating seniors with this message: "No matter where you go, or what you do, take those leadership skills you learned here at Kingswood with you and put them to use."
The school hosted its first Lunch and Lead with Mr. Roberts, his grandson, Porter Roberts Bowman who attends St. Luke's School and runs the Leadership Center there, and several KO students. Bowman describes the Center as a space where students can collaborate on various projects and passions that align with their values. He noted that leadership is not always about being in charge, but developing relationships based on trust and respect, authenticity and right actions.
The Leadership Center is a space where students can find the leadership qualities within themselves which may look different from person to person Head of School, Dennis Bisgaard said. Each member of the community can be a positive change agent within their sphere of influence. Hopefully, the Center will become a space of self-innovation and discovery where students feel empowered to create meaningful student driven projects.
This systematic approach to leadership development will also include class trips, community engagement, internships, global experiences, school leadership opportunities, and Lunch and Lead events. Monthly workshops will address topics relevant to engaging with the real world. Topics of the workshops include networking, budgeting, public speaking, etiquette, interviewing skills, stress management and professionalism.
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