Janet Krevolin '80 Inspires Students as Goldfarb Speaker

Janet Krevolin '80 and a member of the soccer, basketball, and lacrosse teams during her time at KO, returned to campus Friday, May 12, as the Harry E. Goldfarb Speaker. With over 25 years experience in research and product development in the orthopedic surgery industry, she knows the importance of finding your true passion and running with it.
When Krevolin stepped onto stage, she projected an image of a straight trajectory of how most students envision their path after high school. She then showed a second image with jagged, non-uniforming lines. This, she described, is representative of what her own journey looked like, and what she suggested some students' paths might be. She assured the crowd, “Don’t worry. It’s a lot of fun to have a random life like I did. Sometimes the backwards helps you go forward.” Krevolin shared, “Make your decisions. But know that getting out of bed and not liking what you do, even if you are making a lot of money doing it, isn’t always the most fun.”
While her career has been an incredibly successful one, marked with a myriad of accolades and fame in her field, she admitted that it wasn’t until she landed her current role as Chief Technical Officer of Bio2 Technologies, Inc., a startup based in Woburn, MA,  that she really truly loved her job. “We just hired our seventh person, and it is a blast. I have no budget and some weeks I have no idea if I will get a paycheck. And, I love every minute of it.”
At Bio2 Technologies, Krevolin and her team have developed advanced orthobiomaterials using a proprietary process capable of producing strong yet porous structures to manufacture custom bone implants. She displayed a foot implant composed of this unique material that was inserted into a cadaver and tested for strength and effectiveness. In preclinical tests, their implants have proved stronger than what is currently on the market, an extremely positive sign for the potential of the company, and implant technology at large.
Krevolin is also professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Tufts University where recently her Biomedical Engineering class spearheaded a project involving a boy born with a hand deformity. Although the boy's true passion was hockey, he was never able to grip a hockey stick properly. Krevolin’s class took a mold of his hand to understand the mechanics, then utilizing her research and the current technology, the team created a fake hand so that he can now play hockey. Krevolin said, “For a simple class project, that is pretty fun to be able to do and affect someone’s life in such a way.”
Prior to joining Bio2, Krevolin served as Vice President of Global Product Development for Zimmer Holdings, Inc. She also managed Zimmer's European research activities. She has a doctorate in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas and a bachelor's degree from Wellesley College.
She advised students, "When I was sitting where you were as a student, I never would have stood up in front of you like I am doing today. Now, presenting is a huge part of what I do for a living. I am constantly talking in front of people for a variety of reasons in my career. Often I am talking to people that know more than I do about things. So I encourage you to do some of the things you can’t stand doing because it will pay off in the end. And what a better place to do it then KO.”
To conclude she fondly remarked, “I love reading, and I love learning and that was generated from Kingswood Oxford more than anywhere else.”
The Harry E. Goldfarb Directorship at Kingswood Oxford School was designed to oversee collaborative teaching and research among faculty members of the science, math and technology disciplines, including the engagement of speakers to inspire students in science and medical careers. William H. Goldfarb, a 1964 graduate of Kingswood, and his brother, Robert B. Goldfarb, created the series in honor of their late father, Harry E. Goldfarb.
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