Almost Maine: A Lesson in Love

This Wednesday, 11 Upper School thespians performed a matinee for their fellow students who were a captivated and verbally encouraging audience, rooting for the love interests.

Almost Maine by John Cariani is the most performed high school production over the past five years, and it's easy to see why. Charming and real (to a point), the play explores relationships in their varying degrees of becoming and dissolving. Structured as a series of eight two character disparate vignettes over the course of one night in a mythical town of Almost, Maine, the play is woven together with the thread of love and the enchanted energy of the Northern Lights projected on the back of the stage.

The dialogue-driven play is punctured with the awkward silences and delightful moments of magical realism. In one story, a girl carries her broken heart in a bag. Another character returns all the love her boyfriend gave her in a pile of red drawstrings bags. When two male buddies recognize their friendship is more than just a friendship, they fall in love with one another by literally falling and slipping across the stage. The character that suffers from a condition where he feels no pain finally experiences the sensation after a girl kisses him.

If there’s a lesson to be learned in Almost Maine, it’s the importance of opening your heart to an honest conversation. Sure, there might be some pain and vulnerability involved, but you never know the beauty and love that come from it, too.

The cast list includes: Prologue/Interlogue/Epilogue: Pete: Dan Carroll, Ginette: Amy Mistri; Her Heart: East: Zach Waskowicz, Glory: Angela Yang; This Hurts: Marvalyn: Molly Carroll, Steve: Zack Herz; Getting It Back: Gail: Kate Brough, Lendall: Dan Carroll; They Fell: Chad: Dan Carroll, Randy: Walter Kraus; Where It Went: Marci: Juanita Asapokhai, Phil: Zack Herz; Story of Hope: Hope: Apara Kashyap, Daniel: Zack Waskowicz; Seeing The Thing: Rhonda: Brieanna Toedt, Dave: Walter Kraus.

Next performance is Friday, November 17 at 7:00 in the Roberts Theater.
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