DeLucia Takes A Deep Dive with Photography

DeLucia dove for two days completing one and a half to two-hour dives on each descent. Most of the dives occurred near the Blue Heron Bridge considered to be one of the best dive sites in the world due to its diversity of marine life. Naturally protected by the Lake Worth Lagoon, the location is home to numerous sea creatures including seahorses, pipefish, sea robins, flying gurnards, batfish, frogfish, and stargazers.

DeLucia admitted that operating the camera system underwater was a struggle initially. Although she is a certified scuba diver, DeLucia said the experience of diving with a camera was unexpected. “On the first dive, you don’t think the camera will be as heavy as it is. You need to hold the camera, float and balance, and focus on your breathing. It’s tricky,” she said.  She explained that unlike shooting on land where you hold the camera up to your eye, underwater photography requires a person to hold the camera away and down from the body. Additionally, underwater photos skew with a blue hue so DeLucia needed to make constant adjustments to exposures and white balance.

Once DeLucia got acclimated to the experience, she focused on photographing seahorses and octopuses on the first dive and bare organisms on the second dive, taking 200 to 300 images on each dive with an Olympus camera housed in a waterproof unit.Throughout the dive, her underwater photography instructor, Andrea Whittaker, would signal to DeLucia with a thumbs up or high five when she captured the image just right.

DeLucia said that the experience was perfect. “There’s not too many opportunities where you can do two things that you love at the same time.”
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