KO Students Introduced to Dance and Pura Vida

Hosted by KO for a half-day immersion, the Costa Rican students showcased this intrinsic piece of their culture and practiced their English language skills while attending various classes. Meanwhile, the KO students practiced their Spanish skills, made some new friends and learned about pura vida - an emotion, a contentment, and a way of life that Costa Ricans embrace.
Organized by parent Sarah Meshanic, a Spanish teacher at E.L. Smith in Storrs, the three-week program engages the Costa Rican students with a crash course in all things American, particularly New England culture. From attending a professional lacrosse game to visiting the local aerospace museum, the students even experienced the recent Arctic blast of frigid temperatures including witnessing their first snowstorm.
The students’ visit to KO commenced with their dance performance. Clad in long colorful ruffled skirts and off the shoulder peasant blouses, the young women paraded around their male partners in all black garb with silk neck scarfs. This traditional colonial dance permitted males and females to fraternize within the rigid social moirés of that time.  The second dance was a patriotic dance of national pride featuring the Costa Rican flag. After a dress change, the students returned onstage to perform a bacchante, a modern style dance. After the assembly, the Costa Rican students attended a round robin of KO Spanish, history and English classes.
Lynn Schork, Upper School Modern Language Department Chair, who helped organize the half-day visit said, “The kids loved the school, and my KO students had a great time, too. It’s an authentic way of learning the language." Schork said one of the highlights for the Costa Rican students was the lunch period where they sampled a wide array of the KO lunch menu, especially enjoying the hamburgers. Now that's truly a taste of America.
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