Yale Model U.N. Exposes Students to Real World Issues

The KO students represented the United Kingdom, Paraguay and sat on specialized committees. Over 1,800 students from around the globe attended the event, allowing the students to cross pollinate ideas and solve pressing issues facing the world today.

Ben Small of Ellington and Jason Meizels of West Hartford, sat on the press corps committee and were awarded Outstanding Delegate and Best Delegate, respectively. According to the Yale Model U.N. website, the press corps committee works “with other delegates, chairs, and even guest speakers to deliver content covering the work of different committees — from news stories to more analytical articles. Ultimately, Press Corps will be the committee that connects delegates within the conference and delivers much-needed information and analysis to all member nations of the UN.”

KO students worked on various committees discussing climate agreements and their economic viability, minority rights and security in the Syrian Civil War, and the environmental impact of the food industry among other topics.

Stacey Savin, the advisor for Model U.N. remarked, “It’s such a delight to know that our KO students behaved themselves so beautifully and represented the school so well. They have fun, but they take the experience very seriously. It’s hard work. I get a big kick out of being with them.”

Savin related that some of the students from other schools who attended this recent Yale event first experienced Model U.N through training at KOMUN, KO’s Model U.N. event for middle school students. In fact, one teacher from a magnet school in Hartford who initially went to KOMUN with her students, followed them through high school, started a Model U.N. club for them and attended the event in New Haven.

Throughout the weekend, the well-trained and prepared KO students brainstormed ideas, negotiated treaties, and discussed real opportunities and challenges.
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