Student Awarded Poetry Prize

Her poem was one of the winners of the poetry section of the national Ray Bradbury Creative Writing Contest.
Shrivastav began writing early on, however, while in seventh grade, opportunities opened up where she could ply her craft in her school magazine. Now at KO, she continues to write, and she also serves as an editor on the KO News. Shrivastav does not have a specific writing process. She explained that at times has an idea in her head in which she can write from, but at other times she starts writing to “see where it goes.”  Although Shrivastav is as tech savvy as any high school student, she usually begins to write on a piece of paper rather than a laptop. She said, “I find when I write on paper, things flow better and convey more of what of want to say. It’s more personal. Even my handwriting changes depending on the piece that I am writing.”
A multicultural student, Shrivastav lived in India from ages eight to 15 before returning to the United States. Much of her work explores the themes of identity. She said, “When I first moved back to the U.S., I felt very out of place. Indian culture is very collective and in the U.S. there’s an emphasis on individualism. That’s great, but everyone here is on their own.” She appreciates the organization and systems in the U.S. but finds the Indian haphazardness warm and comforting.
Shrivastav has also published work in TeenInk publication entitled Holden With a Twist, a fiction piece about Holden Caulfield from The Catcher in the Rye, from his perspective ten years later.
Palette by Esha Shrivastav
i once got asked
“which color are you?”
i sat there, perplexed
not knowing what he meant
reading my face, i guess, he said
“each color is a personality type
for example, i’m red because i’m always mad
and as for him,” he said, pointing right at his friend
“well he, he’s blue, because he’s always sad”
i thought about this for a minute
well, ok, i said, give me a sec
but all the moments i considered
were always multi-faceted
because when i was blue, i was red too
an authentic blend of lilac
when i was upset, i was stubborn too
a beautiful shade of shamrock
never was i solely one color
i was a spectrum, roygbiv
all the way from the r to the v
just like a palette
that belonged to a French painter standing outside the Eiffel Tower
i am all the colors in the sunrise
and all in the sunset
all the colors in the cherry blossoms that line the streets
and all in the luscious grass that rests beneath the tower
i am all the shades of blue in the Seine
and a reflection of the entire city
i said this to them
and just for a moment
they stood, in awe
“wow that was beautiful,” said one, and the other agreed
they looked at each other and in unison they said
“she’s definitely an orange”
and so they went, galumphing back
mistaking beauty for futility
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