KO Hosts Model U.N. for Middle School Students

Upper School students led the delegates through complex global issues and steered the groups with professionalism and expertise.

This event not only prepares students for more competitive level high school Model U.N. events but aids in developing their critical thinking skills.  This regional event introduces students in grades 6, 7, and 8 to global problems and challenges them to work collaboratively to solve them. Model UN gives students the opportunity to hone their public speaking and debate skills, while they use their expertise to build coalitions and pass resolutions.

Congratulations to the following KO students who earned accolades:
Ethan Shames - Niger (DISEC #1: Honorable Mention
Eliot Shani - India (DISEC #2): Best Delegate
Patrick Schwab - Israel (DISEC #2): Honorable Mention
Ignacio Feged - India (DISEC #3): Outstanding Delegate
Teddy Schwartz - Israel (DISEC #3): Honorable Mention
Emma Levinbook - India (WHO #1): Best Delegate
Alysa Ruban - India (WHO #2) : Honorable Mention
Sung Min Cho - India (WHO #3): Best Delegate
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