New Turf Installed on Hoffman Field

Installation of the new Kingswood Oxford artificial turf field is near complete, and now our Wyverns will join the likes of the Patriots, the Fighting Irish and the Buckeyes who also play on this professional grade surface by the industry leader FieldTurf.

Sure, the new surface of the Hoffman Field is bright and fresh, but it’s much more than a pretty face. This high-quality material ensures that our students have the optimal and safest playing experience. Director of Facilities Larry Marciano explained that the former artificial turf shelf life had expired, and it was time to upgrade to a higher performance material. “After ten years the sub-surface of the turf becomes compacted and degraded which can cause player injury. The safety of our players is paramount.”

FieldTurf, the manufacturer and installer of the new turf, has conducted several long-term studies of player injury on artificial turf, which show that injuries are reduced by performing on an artificial turf surface. Following the installation, an independent contractor will conduct GMAX testing on the turf to measure its performance with respect to impact and shock absorption. Testing involves the use of a 20-pound weight dropped from a two-foot height at different velocities. Multiple locations of the field are tested, especially in areas of heavy wear.

Marciano explained that the school was mindful to keep the project as green as possible. Since the school grooms the field once a month, and the fields are not utilized in the winter, Marciano said that the old base was in good condition. The old base was recycled with sand and rubber, and the old matting will be returned to the manufacturer to be upcycled for future industrial use. “We’re not filling any landfills with any of our materials,” he said.

Director of Athletics Debbie Fiske said that the school is committed to providing high-quality athletic facilities for our student-athletes. “All of these enhancements are a point of pride. We want the best for our students and this ups our game. The investment in our facilities is essentially an investment in our students. The fact that 20 percent of our seniors will be playing at the college level points to their dedication to athletics and our promise of excellence to them,” she said.
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