Small Things Make a Big Impact

Inspired by a conversation at their recent class trip to Camp Winona about creating a welcoming, inclusive community, Maddie Oh ’23 and Olivia Dufresne-Achatz ’23 have initiated a locker wrapping committee to celebrate the birthdays of their fellow classmates.

To commemorate birthdays in the Middle School, many students decorate each other's lockers with cards, wrapping, and ribbon. “Last year we noticed that not everyone’s locker was decorated,” said Oh. “At Camp Winona, we talked about the little things that could bring a community together and wrapping lockers for birthdays is one example of how we can bring people together and make a connection,” said Dufresne- Achatz.

The students sent out a Google form to their classmates to gauge who would like to participate in the project, and they plan on making an announcement at an assembly shortly. To date, 36 classmates have signed up for the service. The girls created a calendar of the birthdays to organize themselves and have thought through several details. “If your birthday falls on a weekend, we will decorate on a Friday. If you have a birthday or half birthday when you’re not in school, people can pick a special day that would mean something to them to have their locker decorated,” said Oh. Both students said that many students have enlisted to help with the project.

The two students plan on bringing in supplies from home and decorate the lockers before the start of the school day. They also hope to sponsor a fundraiser to collect money to purchase additional supplies, possibly a special cupcake to celebrate the day.

In chaos theory, the "butterfly effect," imagines the small, inconsequential changes that can have a major impact on an event or circumstance. With this lovely gesture, the Kingswood Oxford Middle School will become an even more supportive and encouraging haven than it already is.
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