KO Chef-Educator to Moderate Smitten Kitchen Blogger

With her wide grin and ebullient manner, Lindsay Perkins welcomes members to the KO community every day as the greeter, administrator, and attendance taker at the front desk of Roberts. But, there’s a lot more to Perkins than just her warmth and buttoned-up organizational skills.

As a chef-educator, Lindsay Perkins will be moderating a conversation with award-winning food blogger and New York Times best-selling author of The Smitten Kitchen, Deb Perelman, on Sunday, October 14  2:00 at the Mandell JCC in West Hartford. Perkins is the perfect choice to moderate the event as she runs the successful business, Lindsay Culinary, and who modestly describes herself as a “mom who likes to cook.” Hardly. Perkins attended the Culinary Institute in Farmington, specializing in baking and pastries and worked for eight years at Truffles Bakery. Deciding that the rigorous schedule was not well suited or practical for her growing family, Perkins went back to school, received her B.A. and ran successful cooking classes, including the sold-out culinary program at Camp KO for several years.

Every year, the Mandell JCC opens their book festival with a major talent. During the spring when the organization decided upon the Perelman selection, they felt Perkins would be an ideal host since she runs many programs at their facility. The organizers showed Perelman Perkins’s food Instagram, and Perlman agreed that Perkins would be the perfect person to conduct a foodie conversation.  “I was speechless that they picked me. For someone like me to be recognized by a New York Times bestselling author and someone that I really admire is incredible,” Perkins said.

Perkins has followed Perelman's food blog for the past ten years, and she is considered to be one of the original food bloggers. “The reason that she’s been so successful is that she has a literary voice that’s just like us. She's so relatable, not some hoity-toity chef. She’s someone who likes to cook out of her kitchen in New York,” Perkins said. Perkins considers Perelman to be a trustworthy source for cooking with consistently good, failsafe and unfussy recipes. “I feel like I know her. She’s more than just the recipes. It’s also the stories she weaves through them,” Perkins said.

One of Perkins favorite recipes from The Smitten Kitchen is Perelman’s apple cake. “You make it in a huge bundt pan. It’s seasonal, and you can’t mess it up. The end result is spectacular,” Perkins said. To add her own flourish, Perkins drizzles a white icing on the cake. “Deb would say, ‘Right on!’ She would approve. I made it my own.”

Tickets to the event are $36 which includes the event, a choice of one of Deb’s cookbooks and a book signing with the author. Student tickets are $10 which does not include a book.

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