A Family/School Partnership

Strong and steady communications between school and family are key to student success. Our advisors continually communicate with families via email, phone calls and meetings. Most importantly, they come to know their advisees well and work with a comprehensive understanding of each student’s progress and potential.

Tracking Student Progress, Together

  • Mid-semester Progress Report: Submitted at the close of the first and third quarters, these reports contain: a letter grade reflecting the average for each course to date; a detailed narrative from each teacher noting progress, challenges, and next-step recommendations
  • Summary Report: Written by the student’s advisor at the end of each semester, this narrative consolidates themes and offers perspective on the student’s overall well-being, including academic progress, social participation, and community involvement.
  • Conferences: Student, parents, and advisors meet twice a year (November and April) for a 30-minute conference to discuss progress and set goals
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