Building Skills, Expanding Minds

Our Middle School curriculum builds a strong foundation in traditional academics while providing students with ample opportunity to explore and expand their individual interests.

Highlights include:

The Presentation of Ideas

Students are taught to present their ideas with clarity, competence, and confidence via:
  • Oral Communication
  • Writing
  • Visual Expression

Academic Skill Development:

Skills (ranging from organizational and time management to reflective self-assessment) are taught in every discipline, helping students discover their strengths and challenges.

Curricular Themes

These are embedded in all three Forms to guide students in the process of “knowing themselves.”
  • Upper Prep: Parts of Whole — the integrated nature of science, community, life
  • Form 1: Questioning — exploring the why and the how
  • Form 2: Ownership — taking responsibility by fully engaging

Middle School Curriculum

  • Affective Curriculum — Through Life Sciences and Life Skills 1 & 2, students study the human body, health and wellness, and other topics relevant to their social and emotional development
  • Classics — Students study Latin and aspects of Greco-Roman culture
  • Creative Arts — Music, theater, visual, and media arts
  • English — Fostering an appreciation for language and literature, students grow in their thinking and communication skills
  • History — A curriculum that includes American History, geography, culture, political ideology, and more
  • Mathematics — Presented as an active and exciting subject, students study basic math principles, moving through Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1
  • Modern Language — Options include Spanish and FrenchClasses are taught actively in full immersion style. 
  • Science — Students blend innovative thinking with the scientific method
  • Technology — Middle School students start with an introductory course and move through coding and robotics

2022-23 Course of Study

Located in West Hartford, CT just steps from Blue Back Square, Kingswood Oxford is a private school inspiring co-ed day students in grades 6-12 with a college preparatory curriculum. Empowered students become clear confident communicators, resourceful problem-solvers, and ethical leaders. KO: where unlimited potential meets endless opportunities.
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