Goodman Banks Visiting Artist Series - Kingswood Oxford

Goodman Banks Visiting Artist Series

Visual & Performing



With the Goodman Banks Series, students experience the creative process firsthand as they work with visual and performing artists worldwide. Through performances and master classes, artists share their techniques, processes, and creations with Middle and Upper School students who come to know life through the eyes of working artists.

The Series also sponsors trips to local venues, including:

The Bushnell Performing Arts Center

Hartford Stage Company


Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art


Performing Artists-in-Residence

Working together, students and artists create original dance, music, and theatrical pieces. Recent collaborations include:


  • African musician flute Kalimba player Samite.
  • KO jazz musicians performed with Brazilian pianist Elaine Elias
  • 6th graders learned traditional Chinese dance with the Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company
  • KO students developed, performed, and taped a radio play with alum Adam Sullivan ‘87
  • KO students performed with violist, Martha Mooke
  • Tufts physicist Stephon Alexander with jazz sax player/composer Alexis Tarantino

  • Core Ensemble’s performance of Tres Vidas and discussion

Visiting artist Maria Molteni

Visual Artists-in-Residence

Visiting visual artists create a project by posing a specific problem to students and initiating an artistic response. They work closely with students throughout the course of the residency and often return to campus to see an exhibition of the student’s work. Recent artists include:


  • Anne Cubberly, sculptor
  • Betye Saar, folk artist
  • Jim Lee, painter
  • Brett Cook, artist
  • Maria Brito, assemblage artist
  • Maria Molteni, conceptual artist