Squash - Girls Varsity vs Hopkins School - Home - Kingswood Oxford

Squash – Girls Varsity vs Hopkins School – Home

Varsity Girls Squash

This was our closest match yet, with the final result coming down to a handful of points between teams.

Sydney Smith ’21 managed the pace of her shots to increase the pressure on her opponent and take her match 3-1 in the no. 1 spot. Amrita Natarajan ’22 stuck to her tried and true deep cross courts to take control of the center of the court and win 3-1 in the no. 6 spot. Mackenzie Caruso ’22 was on a roll and took her match 3-0 in the no 8 spot. We had 2 nail-biter, incredible matches from Ely Alleyne ’23 and Mai Lin Pomp-Shine ’20 in the no. 5 and 7 spots, both with extra-point games and with clear efforts by our players to adjust their strategy and take advantage of opportunities for kill shots.

KO: 4 – Hopkins School: 3
Location: Highland Street – Squash

Event Details

  • Date: Saturday February 1, 2020
  • Time: 1:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Win- KO: 4 - Hopkins School: 3