Jazzapella: Hot Sounds & Cool Vibes - Kingswood Oxford

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December 04, 2019

Jazzapella: Hot Sounds & Cool Vibes

The joint was jumpin’! The Black Box Theater was filled with hot sounds and cool vibes at our annual Jazzapella concert on Monday, November 25 as a perfect segue into our Thanksgiving break.


The masterful playing and singing showcased the multiple talents of our students in a laid back environment. On a lovely note, Emily Lemkuil ’20  surprised her parents on their 25th wedding anniversary with a solo rendition of “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You”, which was her parent’s wedding song.  They even stood up from their table to dance while she sang 🙂


MS Jazz Band

Equinox – John Coltrane (soloists: Rayyan Haider, Alyssa Tousignant, Margaret Miller, Sara Feged, Meghan Jo, Santiago Croes, Ryan Wang)

Bag’s Groove – Milt Jackson (soloists: same as above, but no Santiago)


US Jazz Ensemble

Chitlins con Carne – Kenny Burrell (soloists: Arav Kumar, Andres Rollan, Jaedan Curico, Aidan Ladewig, Conor Caneday, Ben Stengel, Chaitanya Karanam, Jolie Flash, Brio Aslan)

Mr. PC – John Coltrane (soloists: Matt Bzowyckyj, Aidan Ladewig, Jaedan Curico, Dan Raymond, Jolie Flash, Ahana Nagarkatti)


US Jazz Combo

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy – Joe Zawinul (soloists: Jack Gold, Ajay Ganesh, Alma Clark, Henry Pelletier, Sattah Phothankoun)

Fly Me to the Moon – Bart Howard (vocal soloist: Sattah Phothakoun)

Chameleon – Herbie Hancock (soloists: Elan Stadelmann, Ian Givens, Jack Gold, Ajay Ganesh

Frosty the Snowman – Rollins & Nelson (soloist: Elan Stadelmann)


Crimson 7


Ricardo Croes-Ball, Mason Goldschlager, Eli Johansen, Walter Kraus, Henry Mandell, Matthew Marottolo, Sam Merkatz, Rohan Naik, Eden Nenshati, Ethan Raisner, James Ravalese, Dan Raymond, Justin Rios, Jack Risley, Braeden Rose, Spencer Schaller, Elan Stadlemann 


The group’s performance included:

–  “Good Ol’ A Cappella” featuring solos by Rohan Naik ’20, Elan Stadelmann ’20, Braeden Rose ’21, Matthew Marottolo ’20

– An introduction by Spencer Schaller ’20

– “Midnight Train to Georgia” featuring Matthew Marottolo as soloist, Eden Nenshati ’21 with the duet, and Henry Mandell ’21 with vocal percussion.



Gabrielle Abramson, Alex D’Addabbo, Maggie Eberle, Molly Jones, Mary Kaliszewski, Samhita Kashyap, Sophia Kaufman, Emily Lemkuil, Charlotte Mandell, Sadie Margolis, Remy McCoy,
Kim Minseo, Amrita Natarajan, Jacqui Ouellette, Olivia Pear, Snehaa Ram, Morgan Siegel, Ashleigh Stepnowski, Brieanna Toedt

The group’s performance included:
“And So It Goes” by Billy Joel and an arrangement of Pat Benatar ‘s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”

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